10 Best Text Message Scheduler Apps For Android

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Over the past few years, we have seen lots of evolvements in the way we communicate. Social media and instant messaging apps were slowly changing the way we communicate with others. These days, people rely more on text messaging and video calling instead of personal meetups. Texting or calling people at odd hours can be considered rude, but waiting until morning and risk forgetting it, is even worse.

To deal with such timing issues, scheduling apps for Android exists. There are tons of Android scheduler apps available on the Google Play Store that can let you Schedule WhatsApp text messages, Emails, and SMS. So, in this article, we are going to share a list of best text scheduling apps that will help you to schedule messages sent via WhatsApp, Messenger, email, Twitter, etc.

Best Text Message Scheduler Apps For Android

However, before we share you the list, please be mindful that there are tons of Android message scheduler apps available on the internet, but not all of those are worth your time and attention. So, in this article, we have listed only the best message scheduler apps for Android.

1. Do it Later

Do It Later

Do it Later is one of the best Android productivity app that you can use right now. You won’t believe it, but the app allows users to schedule text messages, emails, phone calls, social network status updates, etc. Not only that, but Do it Later also offers users multiple options for scheduling delay as well. The app is lightweight and it has a minimalistic interface which makes the app super easy to use.

2. SKEDit Scheduling App

SKEDit Scheduling AppSKEDit Scheduling App

Well, if you are searching for a simple and easy to use scheduling app for your Android smartphone, then you need to give SKEDit Scheduling App a try. Guess what? With SKEDit Scheduling App, you can easily save time by scheduling WhatsApp messages, SMS, and emails to be sent later automatically. The app is massively popular on the Google Play Store and its right now used by millions of users.

3. Boomerang Mail

Boomerang MailBoomerang Mail

Well, Boomerang Mail is one of the best and most powerful email client available for Android devices. The great thing about Boomerang Mail is that it seamlessly integrates with Gmail, Google Apps, and Microsoft Exchange accounts. Some of the advanced features of Boomerang Mail includes snoozing emails, scheduling email for later, response tracking, etc. Apart from that, the app also has a Push notification and ‘Send as’ feature.

4. SMS Scheduler Free

SMS Scheduler FreeSMS Scheduler Free

SMS Scheduler Free is a relatively new text message scheduler app available on the Google Play Store. The key highlight of SMS Scheduler Free is its ‘Auto SMS’ feature which automatically sends the SMS at the scheduled time and date. What’s more interesting is that SMS Scheduler Free offers users multiple message texts from pre-installed templates. Not only that, but you can also sync your phone contacts with SMS Scheduler.

5. Handcent Next SMS

Handcent Next SMSHandcent Next SMS

Handcent Next SMS is one of the best stock SMS app alternatives on the list. It’s a full-fledged SMS app that provides users a wide range of features to make texting easier. The great thing about Handcent Next SMS is that it easily syncs with the computers and allows text messages from the computer. Apart from that, Handcent Next SMS can be used to schedule text messages and MMS as well.

6. Auto Message

Auto MessageAuto Message

Well, Auto Message is one of the best scheduling apps for Android available on the Play Store. With Auto Message, you can easily schedule text messages, set automated replies, set auto answer call function, etc. Apart from the SMS, Auto Message also lets you schedule emails.

7. Phone Schedule

Phone SchedulePhone Schedule

Phone Schedule is another best Android app on the list that can be used to schedule text messages. You can set this app to remind you of important events, schedule calls, schedule SMS, set up a music timer, etc. The app can also be used to schedule messages on third-party apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.

8. Wasavi


Well, Wasavi is a little bit different compared to all other listed in the article. It doesn’t schedule text messages; instead, it works with WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Viber, and Signal Private Messenger. So, if you use any of these instant messaging apps, then you can use Wasavi to schedule messages on these platforms.

9. Multi SMS & Group SMS

Multi SMS & Group SMSMulti SMS & Group SMS

If you are searching for a bulk SMS scheduling solution, then Multi SMS & Group SMS might be the best pick for you. With Multi SMS & Group SMS, you can easily schedule an SMS to send it to multiple contacts. The app allows you to send multi SMS to an unlimited amount of recipients.

10. chomp SMS

chomp SMSchomp SMS

It’s a full-fledged messaging app for Android, which is meant to replace the stock Android SMS/MMS app. chomp SMS offers a bunch of great features like passcode lock, privacy options, SMS scheduling, etc. Apart from that, chomp SMS also offers lots of customization options like changing the notification LED colors, ringtones, and vibration patterns.

So, these are the best Android apps to schedule SMS, emails, and WhatsApp message. If you know any other such apps, let us know in the comment box below. I hope this article helped you! Share it with your friends also.


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