Airtel Bis Now N1000 For 3GB On Only BB Device And N1500 For 3GB On All Devices

Last Updated on March 17th, 2017.

Airtel recently upgraded their blackberry plan for both blackberry devices and other devices. The Airtel blackberry package which usually cost N1,400 with a 3GB data bundle was upgraded to now cost just N1000 with a 3GB data and also for other devices for N1,500 with a 3GB data.Normally the Airtel blackberry Bis plan 3GB for N1400 was tested and working on both blackberry devices and other devices like android, ios, windows phone, pc. but few months ago it was only restricted to work only on a blackberry device. Airtel recently sent a text confirming the reduction to N1000 from N1,400 for 3GB on only blackberry device and N1,500 for 3GB on all devices. Lets get started on how to subscribe to new updated Airtel Blackberry Bis Plan.


How To Subscribe To The Updated Airtel Blackberry Bis Plan

  • Simply load N1,000 on your Airtel line and dial *440*1# for 3GB

NOTE: This is only for Blackberry devices

  • For other devices like android, Pc, ios, Windows phone, Simply load N1,500 and dial *440*16# for 3GB.

The table below outlines the updated list of BlackBerry plans on the Airtel Network:

PLAN NAMEPackageValidityDial USSD

SMS to 440

Rental (N)

Data bundle*



BB ABSOLUTEMonthly30 Days*485#bismonth




Usable on BlackBerry devices ONLY
Weekly7 Days*486#bisweek




Daily1 Day*487#bisday




BB COMPLETEMonthly30 Days*440*1#bcm           1,400



Weekly7 Days*440*2#bcw




Usable on BlackBerry and ALL other device types
Daily1 Day*440*3#bcd




BB UNLIMITEDMonthly30 Days*440*16#bbum



116 &123

Weekly7 Days*440*17#bbuw



116 & 123

Daily1 Day*440*18#bbud



116 &


NOTE: Airtel are yet to update the blackberry monthly plan which is now N1000 and not N1,400 on their website update list. Even if you recharge N1,400, it is only N1000 that would be deducted from your balance.

This plan also works on android devices but you have to change your android imei to a bb10 imei, example a Q10, Z10 and the likes imei number to be able to use the Airtel 1k bis for 3GB.

Kindly drop your comments below.

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  1. Comment:Is this latest airtel of 1000k for 3GB per month working on Modem? If yes, give me the code pls. But if not, give me the plan that can give me 3GB monthly with the code and amount it will cost me. Thank you

  2. I have tried the subscribing the 1,500 subscription on my android phone, but it didn’t work. When I dialed *440*16# it keeps saying service is temporarily unavailable. Has airtel discontinued the plan??

  3. kindly help me with the code to sub for 1000 and get 3g on by blackberry Q10. and really finding difficult to get it right with subscription issues.

  4. Comment:please larious, i use tecno p9 devices to subscrib for the 1000 bb bundle plan yesterday and it’s not working on phone, i fine it difficult to browse on my facebook,whatsapp.please what do i do now because i dont have any other money to subscrib.

    • Am sorry you did the wrong plan. The N1000 plan only works on blackberry devices and not on android devices. There is nothing you can do about that. The only way is to use a blackberry device and hotspot the connection to your P9. All the best sir.

  5. Comment:I did a day Airtel 100 naira to test if it will work and it is working, that means 1K OWN will work am using techno android phone

  6. @Larious, I’m actually new on this site, read tru d comments n I saw that there was a plc u admitted the 1k sub will work on a Q10 n later u said it wouldn’t work…but, some people said it will work. This is confusing, try n clarify this Sire…I use a Q10, n I want to confirm if the 1k sub wil work on my phone. Thanks

  7. I just loaded 1500 on my airtel sim for use on my blackberry data plan in my modem. I sent BSM to 440, but no activation, pls kindly inform me of any change in code or new method of subsribing for BB on modem.

  8. Hello mr Larious…
    Pls, i wanna if any of these plans [esp the #1000 one] works on an android Phone with bb imei pls…
    Tanx !

  9. I subscribed to the airtel bb unlimited data plan on android with *440*16# but I am not enjoying the internet, what could be the problem?

  10. Hello, i did the #1500 for 6gb for my samsung in august and it worked perfectly, trying to renew for September and it keeps saying my number isn’t eligible , is this a one time plan or not,

  11. i just tried the 3gig 1k on bb10. i cant chek my balance, it keeps saying i hae no plan, or data balanc is zero. please help how do i check my balance?

  12. Comment: 1. hello pls the #1000 unlimited sub is it 3g network browsing and how many gig does it give??
    2. I want to use it on my Blackberry Bold5 phone (will it work)??
    3. Pls I need reply as soon as posible..waiting


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