Airtel Blackberry Plans That Works On Androids

Last Updated on July 17th, 2014.

airtel_blackberry_plan_unlimitedBlackberry smartphones are one of the cheapest means for internet subscription in the country, With your blackberry handset you can always afford BIS subscription and can it is cost-effective compared to purchasing a data bundle plan on android devices. Blackberry is still very much useful in offering affordable internet subscription, Also your Airtel blackberry plan can be used on Pc, and other devices. The awesome and unique feature of using Airtel Blackberry plans is that they all work across all devices. This article focuses on sharing Airtel blackberry plans, i would be writing a different article on the New Airtel 1+1 offer which is 4GB for 2 months. Below are the various Airtel Blackberry Plans to choose from:

Plan Data Allowance (MB) Retail Price (N) Validity period USSD Activation Code SMS Activation Code
BB Unlimited Monthly Unlimited 1,500 30 *440*16# bbum
Weekly Unlimited 525 7 *440*17# bbuw
Daily Unlimited 100 1 *440*18# bbud
BB Complete_NEW Monthly 200 1,000 30 *440*19# bbcm
Weekly 50 350 7 *440*20# bbcw
Daily 10 70 1 *440*21# bbcd
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