Airtel Free 200MB Monthly For 12 Months

Last Updated on December 6, 2020 by Larious

Airtel is currently giving out free 200mb monthly for 12 whole month with a special imei number. All you have to do is simply insert the special imei on your device and enjoy the 200mb monthly for whopping 12 months.This is the special imei digits


How To Get The Airtel 200mb For 12 months

You would be tweaking your imei, replacing your imei with the special 200mb airtel imei. Simply change your imei and after successful completion, send Smart to 141 to get your mb. Below is the step by step approach to follow:

  • Download imei analyzer on play store, launch and type 359005051 then add any random five numbers then click analyze
  • You’ll get something like “35900505101549”

Also Download & install MTK Engineering Mode from play store

  • Open it & click on MTK Settings
  • Then wipe your screen to left site to see Connectivity options.
  • Scroll down to CDS Information and tap on it.
  • Then, look for Radio Information, tap on it and you’ll see something like:

Phone1 –

Phone2 -.

  • Select Phone2-
  • You will see AT+
  • Type any letter in the search box after AT+ and delete the letter you typed.
  • Then choose Phone2 which display something like this: AT+EGMR=1,7,”35900505101549″
  • Put cursor in the middle of “” and insert your 15digit IMEI, for IMEI, it should look like:


  • After that, select SEND AT COMMAND
  • You will see a message “AT Command Msent”
  • Close everything and restart your phone.
  • Wait till they send you a configuration message.

After successful completion of changing your imei, Send a text message: Smart to 141.

Wait for the reply, you would receive a text saying you would be given 200mb monthly.


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