Airtel Freebies: Get Free 8GB Of Data From Airtel

Last Updated on September 12th, 2017.

Airtel-InternetAirtel is currently dashing out free data ranging from 1 – 8gb of data. it all depends on your sim eligibility to acquire the highest data. So all Airtel subscribers, kindly dust all your Airtel sims and start acquiring free data which is valid for a month.

Lets just go straight to the point: Below is the trick to enable you get up to 8GB of free data on your Airtel sim.


  • Any Airtel Sim
  • With or Without Credit on the Sim

Firstly, Send JOIN to 141 as a text message


  • After sending the JOIN to 141, just dial this code *123*133#
  • Wait for the reply, Your going to get up to 8GB, 2GB, 1GB, 500MB . It all depends on your Airtel Sim eligiblity to acquire the highest Data.
  • To check your Data balance: Still dial *123*133#

I actually saw this Airtel trick online few minutes before composing this article. I gave it a trial and the result was awesome. It did work for me and i got Free 2GB of data on my first Airtel Sim and 8GB of data on my other Airtel Sim.

See Screenshots below:

For 8GB:

airtel1 airtel2

For 2GB:


NOTE: Once you’ve dial the code and have gotten the given Free data on that particular Airtel sim, You cannot qualify for another free data on that sim. So dust all your old Airtel Sims or use your friends, parents airtem sims to get the data.

All the best rocking Airtel freebies. Hurry before its blocked. 😀

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  1. Must I change the imei of my phone before it would be able to work? Because I tried the code and it said I’m not qualified for this offer

    • 500Mb is small but its better than nothing. Glad to be of help. There’s joy in sharing and helping others. Most people got 2Gb, 1GB and 500mb. The 8gb is very rare. For those that didnt get the free data, it might be due to your current subscription. Airtel knows you already have an active data subscription, so it might not work for you.

  2. Plz to be more precise on with type of device (phone) does it work….coz I try it on my nokia device bt says d device is not eligible

    • Am sorry, your Airtel isn’t can try another airtel sims…Am still rocking my 2gb, though it would expire dis week, but would try the code again, hope it works….

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