Buy iPhone 6s Clone @N38,000 With One Month Warranty

Last Updated on February 11th, 2017.

Last Updated On: Feb 11, 2017 @ 4:23 pm

The apple iPhone 6s is quite an awesome device with great specifications and features every iPhone lover’s dreams of, But the iPhone 6s is expensive and only a few end up acquiring the device. The iPhone 6s is sleek and classy which makes the device classified in a world of its own compared with other Android devices.

This article is mainly to enlighten iPhone lovers about the iPhone 6 clone device which looks and feel 100% like the original iPhone 6s device made by apple. The iPhone 6 clone looks and feel like the original iPhone 6s which is quite very expensive for the average iPhone lovers. Thanks to the creativity of a china phone manufacturing company which designed an iPhone 6s look-alike that actually looks so real that most people mistake the iPhone 6s clone as the real deal.

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The iPhone 6s clone is an Android smart phone in an iPhone 6s Body. This smart phone Runs Android 4.4Kitkat Os but has all the physical looks of a typical iOS device.

img-20160914-wa0006 img-20160914-wa0008

The iPhone 6s clone is available for sale at just an affordable price tag of N38,000, compared to the original iPhone 6s that cost a fortune of over N230,000. I know most of you are wondering why buy a clone iPhone 6s? When I can buy the original. Well, the truth is if you got the money to purchase the original iPhone 6s, buy it, But if you are an iPhone lover and you really need to feel among and rock the iPhone 6s, kindly get the iPhone 6s clone version which has more features and functionality compared to the original iPhone 6s made by apple.

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Am sure you guys have lots of questions concerning the iPhone 6s clone, Not to worry I already have answers to most likely questions. Let’s get started below:

The iPhone 6s Clone Specifications and Features:

  • OS Version: Android 4.4 KitKat
  • Back Touch Technology
  • CPU: MTK6582 Quad core Processor Speed (max): 1.3GHz
  • RAM: 1GB
  • 3G Network
  • Finger print lock
  • Colour: Rose Gold
  • Internal Memory: 16GB
  • External Memory: Support up to 32GB
  • Display Size: 4.7 Inch
  • Display Resolution: 1280×720 HD
  • Touch Screen: Support Capacitive
  • Multi-Touch: Support 5 Point
  • Frequency: 2G: GSM 850/2100MHz, 3G: WCDMA 850/2100MHz, GPS
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot (3G Tethering)
  • Google Play
  • Sensors: Proximity, Magnetic field, Gyroscope, Light, Accelerometer, Mic and Speaker
  • Battery Size: 2,200mAh
  • Camera Resolution: 2MP Front/ 8MP Rear (expandable to 5MP & 13MP via Interpolation)
  • Video Resolution: 640×480 Front / 1920×1088 Back

NOTE: As an honest and sincere personality, I boldly told you guys the iPhone 6s clone is actually a look-alike and a cloned version of the original iPhone 6 device made by apple. The iPhone 6s clone looks 100% real like the original, and this actually has been used to deceive ignorant iPhone lovers to buy the iPhone 6s clone as the original device by fake and fraudulent phone dealers. At the end of the day the buyer latter realized he or she was tricked which brings about stories that touches the heart.

I boldly told you guys this is an iPhone 6s clone device and not the real original device. So it is left for you guys to be interested in buying or not. Frankly speaking the truth is better than a sweet lie.

The Advantages Of Buying The iPhone 6s Clone

  • The iPhone 6s clone is an Android device that was mimic and cloned to work and look like an iPhone 6s device. The iPhone 6s clone is an Android phone in an iPhone casing. The advantage lies in having all android functionalities inside and iPhone device. For example you can send pictures, music, videos to any device unlike the original iPhone 6s.
  • You get one month warranty
  • Purchase from a trusted phone dealer company in Lagos
  • Clear and bright resolutions and user interface
  • You download your apps from google play store
  • Affordable price tag
  • Battery lasts up to 4 hours with heavy usage
  • No one would know its a clone iPhone 6s unless they check deep inside the device settings
  • Runs smoothly like the original iPhone 6s
  • Can be upgraded to Android lollipop 5.1
  • Its  Rose Gold colour

The Disadvantages Of The iPhone 6s Clone

  • It doesn’t work with iCloud services
  • Camera quality is not sharp at night

Checkout the iPhone 6s clone pictures below:

IMG-20151204-WA0000 IMG-20151204-WA0002 IMG-20151204-WA0003 IMG-20151204-WA0004 IMG-20151204-WA0005 IMG-20151204-WA0006 IMG-20151204-WA0007 IMG-20151204-WA0008 IMG-20151204-WA0009

View More Pictures Of The iPhone 6s Clone:

IMG_20160812_085526 IMG_20160812_085536 IMG_20160812_085550 IMG_20160812_085552

How To Buy The iPhone 6s Clone

Kindly Confirm Your order for delivery today. Sms your NAME, ADDRESS and PHONE of your choice to 08039292587. 24Hrs Delivery Service Within Lagos N1000 (Payment on delivery) within Lagos. For delivery outside Lagos Order For A Delivery Today and Receive in the Comfort of your HOME or OFFICE

For those interested you can contact Larious on:  08039292587

Limited copies are available currently, Get the iPhone 6 clone for your loved ones as a gift. It costs you nothing to put a smile on your loved ones faces.

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  1. psl bro , how can i differentiate original iphone from the clone iphone ,, is their any code or some thing to type or do to know the real iphone

  2. pls i wanna purchase one*** dont worry i pay for deliver also atleast 5k for delivery and 45k total am from osun state****** but can i get any other color lyk gray and am i going to unbox it by myself pleas reply to thanks

  3. pls mr larious. I am using the iphone 6s clone, after I reset it. it doesn’t show me the apple logo when switched on, it writes android and its logo and the touch ID and passcode is no longer on the settings. pls help me what can I do? I need to have dem back thanks in anticipation.

  4. i want to buy the iphone 6 16gb in gold or grey. How much is it? I stay at asaba. How long would it take to get here.: i want this phone:Best Clone Apple iPhone 6 Plus Perfect Copy. Replica Smartphone From China MTK6592 Octa Core Real Fingerprint Dual Camera:5MP front + 13MP back 4.7 inch 2GB RAM 32GB ROM. Single nano SIM Card, with the apple logo on the back

  5. I got one sent from America it’s black view ultra a6 believe me this black view ultra a6 could be the iPhone 6s clone if not of the plastic body it do every iPhone 6s do, superb camera, quad core, 4g network, finger print, it has a battery that last for 6 hours on heavy usage unlike original iPhone 6s that on only last 4 hours but unfortunately this phone cm with plastic body and no apple 🍎 logo, send me an email if you need one………………………. Hello! Pls you should have upload at least 2 pictures you snapped with this clone camera just to let people know how sharp is the camera thanks


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