Buy Pure Breeds Of Any Dog With Free Delivery Anywhere In Nigeria

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Dogs are loyal companions and if raised properly will serve you relentlessly till their last breath. Every dog sold through Omega Kennels is a Purebred dog. This means you get the best traits that are linked to their breed. Omega Kennels will do everything possible to help you maintain your untarnished dogs pedigree by helping our customers find purebred mates for their dogs. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and we are yet to have one unhappy Customer. Make the right decision by choosing Omega Kennels Today!

Our vision is to be Nigeira’s leading pet resource provider. We are continuously adding value to lives by providing appropriate pets to loving homes and caring families. Our pets provide companionship, support and help deepen family bonds, From reputable breeders across the world to your doorstep, anywhere in Nigeria! OMEGA KENNELS

Below are pictures of various pure breeds of Dogs:

1422080551_776346099_1 IMG-20130601-00644 IMG-20140929-WA000 IMG-20141101-WA001 WF DIXON _fist_ (PAPAZ KENNEL & FARMS) 08139502565y IMG-20150525-WA001 IMG-20150110-WA004 IMG-20141217-WA003 IMG-20141101-WA015 white chow white chow1

All the dogs above in the pictures are real and readily available for you only if you make the order. We import dogs across the world into Nigeria just to satisfy our customer needs.

Once you,ve place an order for any dogs breed of your choice, we delivery right on your doorstep anywhere in Nigeria.

Below is our Contact details:


Phone Numbers: 08028106418, 07032756323, 0818293177

BB Pin:331BF5CE

Dogs are most needed in our homes for various purposes like for security purposes and also for companionship.

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  1. I live in osogbo osun state, please can someone give me a pappy, please, I dont have money to buy it, I dont mine when the dog give birth giving him/her am the puppy’s to appreciate

  2. 😭 I want to Caucasian Shepherd female and male but I don’t have money to get there are over 180000 each but I can take care of them please help dog lover💗; 2 Caucasian puppy please😌


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