The new features of Apple iOS 13.5

Apple iOS 13.5 is now a reality. This latest operating system comes with features that are relevant in the present times. This is where Apple scores ahead of its competitors. Innovation and customer orientation are what drives their solutions. You will notice that all Apple features try to eliminate issues that you face daily, simple … Read more

Surfshark VPN Review: Get $1.99 /mo +3 Months Free Now

Surfshark is a relatively young VPN service incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, which gives it a serious advantage over competitors headquartered in areas with mandatory data retention laws or within reach of numerous international spy organizations, including the Eyes network.  Surfshark’s rise has from zero to hero has been nothing short of outstanding and … Read more

Using WP Show Posts

Adding post lists and grids to your Site couldn’t be easier than with the WP Show Posts plugin. Dispatch uses the Free version to display posts on the Front page and in the Sidebars. Of course with a little Flint Skin CSS treatment. Head off to Dashboard > WP Show Posts > All Lists. Within … Read more

Aside for Widgets

Sidebar Widgets are a main feature of any Magazine Blogging site. To aid with that Dispatch uses a nifty little plugin and a couple of custom CSS classes to make styling your sidebar a breeze. Widget CSS Classes Using the namesake plugin you can now add CSS Classes to Widgets. Simple. Dispatch Widget Classes CSS … Read more