Get Airtel 3GB For N1, 400 For Blackberry Device Only


Airtel-BlackberryAirtel Nigeria has the most affordable data bundle plans in the country with reasonable data allocation bundle which is quite lucrative compared to other network providers. Late last year, Airtel discontinued their 1+1 bundle offer that allows you get 4GB for N2, 000 and 9GB for N3, 500, Most Airtel subscribers were heartbroken when they learnt the 1+1 offer has ended. Thanks to the Glo overload triple data, Airtel has lost its loyal subscribers to Glo.Glo made a great comeback in terms of affordable data plans by introducing the Glo overload package that not only enables you get 200% on recharge made but also triple data when you purchase any data plan more than N2, 000. With Glo overload triple data you get: N2, 000 for 2.5GB Data N3, 000 for 4.5GB Data and much more.

Airtel sent me a text on the 15th stating the monthly blackberry complete plan now becomes 3GB for N1, 400. Here is the screenshot below:

Screenshot_2015-01-17-14-13-24Airtel realized their mistake and decided the increase blackberry complete data allocation from 1GB to 3GB for the same amount N1, 400. Just to compensate for ending the 1+1 offer.

NOTE: Airtel exclusively made this data plan only for Blackberry devices. It doesn’t work on android or any other device. But on the long run the loop hole will be explored sooner or later to make it work on all device.

How to Subscribe for the 3GB for N1, 400

  • Simply recharge N1, 400 on your Airtel line
  • Dial *431# to subscribe
  • It’s valid for 30 days

Am optimistic that Airtel is busy cooking up a data plan bundle that would blow the minds of its loyal subscribers this 2015. I just hope they do it quick, because Glo overload triple data is hot cake at the moment and most internet users seeking affordable data plans are already rocking the Glo overload triple data promo.

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    • Actually it has not been tested on the BB10 device yet, But i believe it should work on BB10 device, The BB10 device has both Blackberry and Android operating system.

      • Actually, no. This does not work on the BB10 platform. I just tried this on a Z30 and after switching APNs, my credit was deducted. I’m still trying to figure things out and will post an update if it works. And no, the BB10 platform doesn’t have the Android OS, it just bundles the runtime into the OS.

  1. After subscribing for Airtel bb complete for 3gb, subscribe for 70 naira new bb complete one day *440*21#. it will be activated.

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