How To Use Simple Server On iOS {iPhones & iPads}


ss on iosSimple server is actually the most used application for tweaking network connection on various network providers to enable free browsing. We all know simple server is very popular on androids but very difficult to implement on iPhones and ipads based on the iOs platform. This article is going to show you steps by steps approach to implement the simple server on your iOs devices. First, we need to know that this tweak only works on jailbroken devices.


Your iPhone or iPad must be Jailbroken before simple server can work.

NOTE: What you are about to do might brick your device if done wrongly, so I suggest you back up your device on a PC before jail breaking or following the steps below.

How To Use Simple Server On iOS Devices

Once jailbroken, hurry up to cydia and download these applications

  •  Mobile terminal
  •  IFile
  •  Screen
  • openssh


Download this simple server for ios Here

  • Extract it in the folder /var/root/
    Then simply install the configuration file on your ios device. Download it Here
  • Simply enter your mobile terminal,
  • Enter su
    It will prompt you for password, input it. Enter password, Default is alpine
  • Then enter password to change to a new password. Once done,

    Enter the command
    Cd ~
    Screen -a s/
    Then check your browser as it should be working now!!!

To configure simple server, open ifile, navigate to /var/root/s/. Then open the using text viewer.

See Screenshots below:

ss on ios ss on Iphone1

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