How To Verify Your Details And Upload Your Photograph For All Batch C 2014 Corps Members

nysc pixNysc sent a text message to all batch C  2014 corps members on the 1st of july 2015 which stated that all batch C 2014 corps members are to go online and verify their details and upload a passport photograph with a white background and at the end it was stated urgent but no link or procedure was given to implement.

As you all know am a current serving  batch C 2014 corps member posted in Ekpoma Edo state.

Below is the text messaged sent by  Nysc started “All Batch C 2014 Corps members are hereby REQUIRED to go Online to verify their Details and upload Passport Photograph with a white background. Note:Urgent”


To be actually precise i got the above text message 3 good times, so i just concluded it was a scam and decided to ignore the contents of the text message. Few days ago a friend confirmed the text was for real and was sent by Nysc, i now decided to make my research online to actually confirm the actual source of the text message and after my findings on the Nysc website i discovered it was legit and even displayed on the Nysc website.


I wrote this article to help all batch C 2014 corps members verify and upload their passport photograph on the Nysc website.

Below are detailed steps by steps approach on how all batch C 2014 corps members can verify their details and upload a passport photograph.

Lets get started. Below are my personal Nysc details and all details are real and legit. This is just to help others do it right with no stress or issues.

  • Firstly you need to visit the nysc website Here to see all Nysc latest news
  • Or simply click Here to directly take you to the login page where you input our email address and password.


NOTE: The email address and password is the same email address and password you used when you were doing the Nysc online registration before you were mobilized for the Nysc exercise. Well if you can’t remember your password but you know the email you used to register, simply click on the forget password below and your password details would be sent to your mail box.

  • After successful login with your details, you see your account dashboard:


  • All you are concerned is: You are hereby REQUIRED to confirm if your details including your passport photograph are correct. Click ‘Verify Details’ below to verify your details.
  • Now click on verify details.


  • You are to also verify all your basic details including;
    – Surname
    – First name
    – Other names
    – State Code
    – Gender
    – Institution
    – Course
    – Qualification
    – Grade
  • Verify or edit your information and upload a passport photograph by clicking on choose file, upload your passport photograph with a white background, Now click on Validate photograph. Then click on I agree that the above information is correct and valid for my certificate printing.
    Click on the confirm button, You will see this success screen on the top and that’s the end.

NOTE: Those with errors in their basic details are to notify the Secretariat. If your details aren’t correct, print it and go to your Nysc State Secretariat and do the corrections then come back and login again and confirm your detail.

Kindly ensure you do this urgently and please share this vital information and steps with all batch C 2014 corps members. 😀

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