[Infographic] iPhone Tips and Tricks – Things You Don’t Know about Your iPhone Device

Last Updated on January 8, 2019 by Larious

iPhone Tips and Tricks – More and more people are obsessed with Apple products, especially iPhone, not just for its stable system and exquisite look but also for the user-friendly design in use.  Apple focuses on every detail in iPhone to bring us the best experience with a smartphone.

Unfortunately, some interesting features have been overlooked by many iPhone users. Do you know how to save battery life when it’s very low without turning on the airplane mode? What magic can you do with Siri except asking her to open an app or call somebody? Do you know that you can check one’s frequent locations just by looking into his iPhone? Read the following infographic to learn some tips and tricks of iPhone that you probably didn’t know.

Tips and Tricks for iPhone - Infographic.png

Infographic created by IOTransfer – your best iPhone manager.

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