How To Make Glo BIS Work On Android Without Changing Your Imei


glo-bbWe all know that the Glo BIS plan at N1000 for 3GB is actually the cheapest and most affordable BIS plan in the country, and the high-rise of Android users changing their Imei to that of a blackberry so they can make use of the Glo BIS plan on their Android device. The main issue involved here is that, not all Android devices actually allows or support change of their device Imei. The change of Imei is quite easy if you have an MTK Device. But for Samsung, HTC, Xperia, Lg and other brands of Android devices practically doesn’t allow change or repair of Imei, though it can be done through other means. But for now there’s another way to make Glo bis work directly on your Android device without you changing the Imei on your device.

Kindly follow the steps below:

  • STEP 1: Get a Glo sim, either old or new, put the sim on your android device, Put On your Mobile Network, (Note: H or E will come out depending on your network mode)
    Go to your Mobile Network Settings, make sure you Network Mode is WCDMA (3G only)
    Go to Access Point Names, Create a New APN called Glo BIS or any name of your choice, Make the APN: (Note: Your H will disappear)
  • STEP 2: Load #1000 on your Glo Sim and go to your messages and send BBCMONTH to 777
    You’ll get a message concerning the text you sent from 777 (you can dial #124*1# to confirm if they’ve removed the money)
    Go back to Settings, Then Sim Management and off the Network, or simply put On your Airplane mode, and remove the sim
  • STEP 3: Put the sim in a Blackberry phone, wait for it to load. (After loading, mobile network, put it ON and make sure your network mode is 2G)
    Wait till you have EDGE and then try browse using default bb browser, you may get an error message (i.e. you won’t be able to browse)
    >>Exit and Go to Option/Settings
    >>Advance settings
    >>Host Routing Table


  • Click on bb icon (bb option key) on your phone then Register
    Remove the Battery and restart then phone.
  • STEP 4: After rebooting the phone, go to default bb browser and try browse for about 5 mins (browsing Facebook or any site)
    Now press the RED key and Go to Option/Settings
    >>Advance settings
    >>Host Routing Table
    Click on bb icon (bb option key) on your phone then Register
    Immediately Remove the Battery.
  • STEP 5: Put the sim in your android Device and go to settings and ON your Sim management (off airplane mode in case you use airplane mode)
    You’ll notice H will appear. By now you’re on track. Browsing have started again.

CAUTION: On no account must you change your APN or off your data or your phone, if you do that you’ll have to start from Step 3 again and it works on all devices including mtk devices with OS 4.0 and above

Anytime your battery is low or you want to put off your phone, simply go to settings and off your sim management and when you want to use it, switch it on back.
NOTE: This trick works on SAMSUNG, TECNO, GIONEE, HTC and other devices and also on BB 10.

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  1. Am using samsung galaxy ace. Its formally workin but stop working since 4 days ago. I ve gone tru the procedures over and over again and the H is not comin up. What shud i do bro.

  2. Hello,i follow all the steps listed above bt i can’t browse on my Techno M6,eventhough the H dosen’t appear at all.What should i do next?

  3. Pls am using samsung note2 which application can I use to change my imei on my phone…or is there any best data plan out there to do

    • So sorry about that, The trick doesn’t work for your device then. Try and change your imei. The above trick only works on few selected devices.

    • Capital NO….Once your able to purchase an iPhone then you should be well able to pay for internet subscriptions. Cut your cloths according to your size. LOL 😀

  4. So I have a rooted htc One S and I’m just wondering if this cheat is gonna work for me. I mean since it over one year old and all. I need to know if glo hasn’t blocked it yet. Thanks.

    • I can’t actually guarantee this trick working for your device. But once you can successfully change the imei number, the glo 1k for 3gb still works.. Glo cnt block it.

  5. I tried it on my sumsung ace everything else goes as it shud but it does not connect to net work am using Cell C in southafrica

    • Don’t waste your money, it wont work. The only proven way the Glo Bis 1k for 3gb works on most android is actually changing your android imei to that of a bb.

    • Sincerely speaking this trick doesnt work on most devices, it only works on few selected devices. But changing your android imei to bb is a sure guarantee way. Thanks

  6. Dude,I doubt this stuff still works…as off july 15th 4am…mine stopped working,I usually put my glo sim in my BB and browse for 2mins then back in my android and it’s been working perfectly…but it hasn’t connected again since then,and I don’t wanna root or change my IMEI…please is there a new apn? Cus doesn’t connect for me again

    • So sorry about that, But there is no new glo apn for that, The still works and thats the only Apn glo uses. I think you should try the process again using your BB.

  7. please i want no if samsung galaxy s dous imei.number can be change via mobile uncle or engeneering mode? thanks.

  8. Pls am using HTC one and have try I could the 3g doest show but when I put it to 2g and 3g network it will show and even when I change the apn and someone is having blackberry sub in glo it doest work

  9. are there any flaws with the Camon c5 I should know about before I put my money please tell me, actually I mean flaws like battery drainage, hanging issues, overheating, gaming lags and multitasking lags

  10. Please.. I changed the imei of my HTC desire 610 to a bb’s. then I inserted my glo SIM into a BlackBerry device and I did the subscription.. It was working on the BlackBerry but when I inserted it into my HTC, it refused to connect.. I’ve used all the APNs available.. from gloflat to .. It just says “Mobile Data turning on” then “Mobile Data disconnected” continuously.. Please oo, wah can I do?

  11. thank u for the info.the stuff work on my sony for like an hour and stop working. i have off and on the phone buit still the same but the H+ still appears, what should i do?

  12. good morning.
    what i mean is that after an hour of browsing, the network stop working.but the H+ will appear,BBM will be connected but message wont be delivered or sent. every other browser i used will not even load. here is my number 08036338499 if there is a way i can also meet u at ikeja cos i am not far from ikeja.or by whatsapp. thnx

  13. The mobile network is not coming up @ all, I use fly eclipse 3 gionee product when I recharge my phone the 3g will come up with H an sunk my credit off pls what can I doo it been two week now that have been experiencing this help oooo

  14. Larry, pls i need you to explain something to me. I SUCCESSFULLY changed my Samsung imei to that of a blackberry, then changed the apn to I noticed that the network either H+ or E doesn’t even show at all. It stays like that for so long even when i change location. As soon as i change d apn to something else e.g gloflat,, , the network automatically comes on but i still cannot browse with it. What do you suggest i do? Thanks.

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