All About NYSC Redeployment And How To Redeploy

Last Updated on October 21st, 2016.

The Nysc redeployment scheme was established based on three main factors, Marital or Health ground and recently added Security ground. But many of us only talk about redeployment if the state of deployment isn’t favorable to us or probably surrounded by life and death situation (Boko haram). Many corps members wants to redeploy to another state closer to home or if possible demobilized home, But what many don’t understand is the procedure to follow, who to approach, and on what grounds will a redeployment request be considered by NYSC board.

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The National Youth Service Corps will only consider requests that meet the requirements below:

  1. Marital Ground: Marital ground is usually only considered for female corps members who want to move to the state of residence of their husband. A corps member who wants to be relocated to another state, should after the Swearing-in Ceremony apply in his/her writing stating why he/she wants to be relocated. The application should be addressed to the Director-General through the State Coordinator. If you are applying on marital ground, you are to attach the following:
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Change of name in any of the National Newspaper
  • A letter from your husband’s office as an evidence that your husband is domiciled in the state you want to relocate to.
  1. Medical Ground: You will need a medical report from our institution’s medical Centre or a recognized General Hospitals, Federal Medical Centres, Military/Police Hospital reports. And claimed to medical case history are subject to further confirmation to establish their authenticity.
  2. Security Ground: States affected are: Borno, Adamawa, Gombe, Yobe, and other Northern states in that region. This has been a major concern in the country and the trend of Boko haram is on the high-rise, most Northern states are not safe anymore, every day we hear strange news about Boko haram, moving from one Northern states to the next. This actually breaks the heart of a prospective corps member when he/she sees their call up letter showing state of deployment Adamawa state.  Parents won’t even allow their children to go to camp for the orientation exercise and even if they allow them go, their mind won’t be at rest, just because the security of this country is terrible and the so-called government can’t do anything about it.

The whole aim of N.Y.S.C has been defeated, let’s stop deceiving ourselves. I bet those in power would never allow their children go anywhere near the north. In the first place why did Nysc post prospective corps members to those places? What security measures have they taken to protect corps members in Northern states? Yes we know Nysc change the Orientation camps to safer states, but wasn’t N.Y.S.C supposed to be for national integration? but its purpose has been defeated. The same way NYSC officials would want to love and protect their Children so also every parent would want to protect his or her child.

NOTE: Fake Medical Reports Attract Sanctions

If you want to carry out NYSC Redeployment, don’t use fake medical reports as it now attracts strict sanctions. You can ask Nysc for redeployment on three grounds, Health, Marital Status and now Security concerns. The DG of NYSC has vowed to strictly scrutinize all medical reports submitted and sanction corps members who use fake or forged reports.

The Director General of the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, Johnson Olawuni, has vowed to punish corps members falsifying medical reports to secure deployment to new stations.

Brig.Gen JB Olawuni said several medical reports submitted by corps members were found to be fake, and that subsequent certificates will undergo stringent validation, including confirmation with the respective hospitals.

Speaking in Abuja, Brig.Gen JB Olawuni, said that relocation due to security challenges in some part of Nigeria will be treated strictly.

“On the case of relocation, the management will apply full weight of the law on any corps member that procures fake medical papers for the purpose of effecting relocation,” he said.

“I wish to make it clear that medical papers submitted for the purpose of seeking for relocation will be subjected to thorough scrutiny and any case of forgery will be visited with commensurate punishment in line with the NYSC bye-law.”

He said that a review was carried out on the documents submitted by the batch a corps members currently in camp, and many were confirmed to have been forged.

“This year all the medical papers we got we have sorted them out state by state and sent them to all the secretariat and we ask them to go the hospital to find out if the papers are real, but to our greatest surprise, we found out that those hospital don’t exists and where the hospitals exist no doctor and when there are doctors , the signature was forged so we have decided that those corps members will not go unpunished and they will also be queried and asked to do labour work,” Mr. Olawumi said.

Brig.Gen JB Olawuni also said that corps members could also relocate from the state they were posted to, based on security reasons.

“Corp members could only relocate based on health and marital grounds but now we just added security grounds. If a corps member is posted to Borno he has the right to say no I don’t want to go Borno on security grounds and we will relocate him or her to wherever he or she wants to serve,” he said.

Batch C Stream I and II corps members who are posted to volatile states in North-East Nigeria also have the opportunity to redeploy during their camping exercise. However, experience has shown that insecurity may not be enough reason for redeployment to be granted at the camp since almost everyone wants to redeploy. You can support you request with medical, marital or other reasons (please come with evidence).

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We conducted an interview to make clear your questions on NYSC Stream II Redeployment interview

 “I wonder why NYSC will post me to Borno State to go and serve my country, despite the security challenges faced in that part of the country, chai….NYSC daris God o… this North you are posting people to!”

Over 80% of Corp members mobilized for NYSC Batch B, 2014 where posted to the North(my statistics), many where even posted to Boko Haram affected states such as Borno, Yobe, Adamawa, Kano etc.

I can feel the pain and expression of grievance on the faces of these newly posted corps as they held their call up letters. I personally was crestfallen and dejected, this singular act portrayed by NYSC must have made so many families panic, because most parents don’t want their children posted to the north especially areas prone to boko haram attacks.

Thank God, NYSC has redeployed some of the corps members posted to boko haram affected states to states safe from boko haram attacks and has scheduled their 3weeks orientation camp to commence (sept 1st – 22nd, 2014) immediately after those posted to these original state finish their camping. But, the major problem now is after camping where are there going to serve, are they going back to the states they were original posted to or are going to serve in the states they did their camping? This and many more questions are bordering the mind of these redeployed corps. On this issue, I had the privilege of interviewing an ex-corper

He was posted to YOBE STATE but did his 3 weeks orientation camp in NASSARAWA STATE. Here is the details of the interview below:

Collins: Good morning Sir,

Ex-corper: Morning Corper Collins

Collins: Sir, am aware you were posted to Yobe State last year for your NYSC

Ex-corper: YES, but I didn’t set my legs on the soil of YOBE STATE, in fact I did my 3weeks orientation camp at Nassarawa State and the YOBE State governor declared the Camp open after which I was redeployed to Akwa Ibom State.

Collins: Wow! Regarding this redeployment, many people posted to the north and boko haram affected states wants to redeploy but don’t know how to go about it.

Ex-corper: well, usually all corpers are eligible for redeployment, but redeployment is usually based on 3 grounds namely, marital, health and security grounds. In the case of security ground, which was my case, all corps members posted to boko haram affected states and to the north are eligible for redeployment. The redeployment form will be shared to all corps members willing to redeploy for them to fill in the camp, in the form you will be asked to fill the State you which to be redeployed to and submit it to your platoon officer. In my case I filled Ekiti State, before the end of the camp I was handed over a letter that I will take to my redeployed state, to my utmost surprise I saw AKWA IBOM STATE, 3days after camping has ended I took my letter to AKWA IBOM NYSC STATE SECRETARIAT after which I was received and did the necessary clearance to enlist on their payroll for my monthly alawee.

Collins: Really, that’s thoughtful of them at least you have moved to a safer state. Please Sir, how much were you paid in the camp?

EX-corper: I was paid my 2 months allowance in the camp, that’s 39600, since I didn’t follow stream1, in the previous month. Also, I was paid 2,500 for local transport allowance

Collins: great, it means even though we are waiting for stream1 to finish we are considered to be serving

Ex-corper: YES, and you will pass out the same day!

Collins: But Sir, how did you go about PPA (Place of Primary Assignment)

Ex-corper: I was posted to a place of primary assignment in akwa ibom after completing my registration at the AKWA IBOM NYSC SECRETARIAT

Collins: Were you paid the State allowance?

Ex-corper: Yes I was, though I was not paid for the first month when I came because I was not through with my registration but subsequent months I received both the federal and state allowance

Collins: That’s good, thanks for your time, I appreciate

Ex-corper: You are welcome, have a stress free service year!


Finally in conclusion, I strongly hope all information gathered above would enlighten you about the Nysc redeployment process. And also know it’s not actually everyone that is going to be granted redeployment letters to various states of redeployment. Try as possible to experience something new and explore new cultures, languages, and other fun aspect if you are not posted to the North. But advice those posted to the North to be very careful, kindly redeploy somewhere safe and then enjoy your service year.

God would go with all Prospective corps members Batch C Stream I going to their Orientation camps tomorrow, 4th and 5TH November 2014.  And also Batch C Stream II reporting in camp on the 26th and 27th November 2014.

Best of LUCK and God go with You All!!!

For enquiries and advice, we attend swift via  BBM . Add us on BBM: 7A67E351

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  1. those of us in stream 2 still expecting callup letter, which state are we likely to b posted to. can I still pay d 4k online now to receive my callup letter?

    • Well, i can really say which states would be involved in the batch c stream 2, i only know a few, borno, adamawa, yobe, gombe, osun, lagos. Nysc might decide to include other states, Frankly speaking i see no use in paying the 4k, I know lots of prospective corps members that paid the 4k and are still yet to receive their call up letters. so the choice is your!!

  2. Love ur article, real and precised. I will b part of d stream 2 corp member 4tis present batch. Pls could u kindly send me d requirement & procedures for registration @ d camp ground 2my mail bx. God bless ur effort…

  3. please i was told that i will be among stream 2 batch c and that my call up letter would be ready later. It is still not ready after 2weeks. I hope we would still make it. Please send me the registration procedurea via email

  4. Pls could u kindly send me d
    requirement & procedures for registration @ d camp ground 2my
    mail bx. God bless ur effort.

    • Would tell you right here. All the requirement needed is at the back of your call up letter. Your school certificate or statement of results, your call up letter.

    • So sorry about that sir, You only got two choices, she either go to borno and do camp, during camp she fill the relocation form which helps her redeploy to a much safer state, or she defile the nysc posting by not going to borno camp. she has to do the nysc registration again for the next batch in feb or march next year.

  5. Should pregnant women do not bothered to come to camp for orientation? Or wil they be posted back to their various state or wil not be alowed to serve at all for nys batch b 2015.

    • Pregnant women are to go to their prospective camp and instant relocation would be given to them to any state of their choice. If you dont go to camp to tell your camp director your pregnancy situation, you would have to forget serving with this batch, you have to wait for the next batch. So i advice you try to go to camp and explain your condition.

  6. Nice, write-up i totally agree with ur view, but the program isnt as fun as it used to be back in the days. My friends are getting ready for service and im seriously hoping they get posted to these states

  7. Thanks for the info. Must I attach the Change of name newspaper to the document? We have not done that, & may not do that now. Thanks in anticipation of your kind response

  8. Am a prospective corps member. Pls is it possibly to change my name at nysc orientation camp for a religion purpose. D name on d datas dat ws wt den is Akanji Rukayat. Now using Akanji Grace Abimbola.

  9. I want to relocate but don’t know the particular NYSC website address. pls quickly response cuz am very serious about it. batch b stream 2. and also how to open my profile with my android phone.

  10. Pls, I am a married woman and about to reg for 2016 batch A but in my change of name published by The Nigerian Tribune, my name was changed from ADEYEMO ADEOLA KEMI to ADEYEMO-BAYO ADEOLA (bayo is my husband’s surname) without the title ‘MRS’, can it affect me from being posted to where my husband resides? NEED AN URGENT ANSWER PLEASE

    • Am sorry Nysc takes marital grounds issues very seriously, if you can’t present proof of marriage certificate, they wont even be relocated to your husband place after orientation camp. deployment or posting procedures sometimes dont care if your married or not, they can post you anywhere, but it is in the orientation camp you tender your marriage certificate and change of name to facilitates your relocation to your husband place.

  11. hello, good day to you! I just concluded the online registration for batch A 2016 and I have received my call up number, but its too high, i.e 097723. with this high number does it mean that i’ll go with the stream II? Cos i really want to .go with stream I.
    please, I want to know how many corp members NYSC sends or are allowed to go for orientation camp in each stream.

  12. Good day, I have an ish, when the Senate error list came out it displayed my name as Godspower Ufeli Othuke instead of Ufeli Othuke Godspower. I made the correction, but was shocked to still see it appear like that on their website and on my print out, pls what can I do

  13. Comment: I registered as a married woman n presented all doc required of me bt was nt given d option to select a state. hope it will work in my favour?

  14. Hi! I didnt register as a married lady cos I was still single when I did my registration but I got married this month, how will I go abt it to be posted to where my husband is ? And is it my husband’s surname that will be on my certificate ?

  15. Pls I did my relocation from Nysc Abj after the 3 weeks camp from rivers to lagos and my relocation has bin approved but the problem now is that av bin accepted in my PPA already in rivers but we’ve not started teaching yet cos am a batch A stream 2 corper, my question is: am I supposed to go back to rivers state to sign out? And will my allowance be affected in anyway? Cos av opened another bank account No in lagos..pls I nid urgent reply..tnks

    • Once your relocation has been approved, you need to visit your LGA and meet with your Z.I or L.I so they can conclude the transfer documentations to lagos. Because it could affect your allawee.

  16. My relocation have been accepted but I don’t know how am going to proceed to my new state. How will I process it plsss????

    • Contact your Lgi or Zi they should help you process the document of transfer, Nysc would also send them relocation papers for you to process the transfer.


    • Thanks so much for the appreciation, i would be frank and straight with you, the best way to successfully relocate is if you can process it from Abuja nysc office. The online relocation process doesnt work online. source for help from nysc officials.

  18. pls i applied for relocation n i got a message of congratulations n i am directed to the state cordinator for clearance. what if i dont want to continue? and how can i get d clearance if reversal is not possible.

  19. Pls I fill single when in my school mobilization form and now am married…..will I fill single or married now that we are doing registration or single?