NYSC Relocation Process For 2015 Batch A Corps Members

Last Updated on January 24th, 2016.

IMG-20141201-00152Firstly, I need to Congratulate all the prospective corps members who qualified to be among the 2015 batch A exercise, Though we have stream1 and 2 and the stream 1 are  going to their  Nysc orientation camps on the 5th of May 2015,

UPDATE: NYSC 2016 Batch A : How To Get The State Of Your Choice

Also for the stream 2 orientation camp would commence on 2nd  of June 2015.  As a serving corps member currently, the need to inculcate our latest “Otondo’s” The prospective corps members in Batch A Nysc exercise on the relocation process and all information needed relating to relocation and redeployment processes in orientation camp before you complete your “21 Days” in your various prospective Nysc Orientation camps across the country.

Below is a detailed approach on relocation process In Nysc Orientation Camp.

Relocation Process In Nysc Orientation Camp:

Firstly, we all know those prospective corps members deployed to Boko haram infested states are given top relocation priority and relocation process is open to all, If you want to relocate and redeploy to another state just fill the relocation form when it’s given in camp, Also for those who don’t want to relocate should just ignore the relocation form. If you want to relocate, it is mandatory to fill the relocation form, failure to do so would result you going to the state after your orientation camp is over.

A friend of mine experienced this last year, when we were all busy filling our relocation forms, he was busy moving with the biggest boys in camp and he didn’t fill the relocation form, on the day we were to leave camp, our letter of relocation and redeployment was shared and he was posted to Adamawa state, he was crying #Lolz, “come and see big boy crying” Not only him though, some other guys and girls were also posted to Adamawa state based on the fact they refused to fill the relocation form while in camp. Currently he’s serving in Ogun state, i really don’t know he did it though, #Boys always have their wayz Coded level trips#
We that filled the relocation form and even attached medical report and also undergone interview, we were not given our choice state but relocated to somewhere close to the initial chosen state.

While some of us were given their choice state, even those that used insecurity got their choice state. It all depends on the state you choose and also Nysc decision. I heard some people did Runs in camp and got their choice state #Coded trips#

I was a prospective corps member in the stream 2 2014 Nysc batch C which took place November 26th 2014, I was deployed to Adamawa state but our orientation camp took place in Benue state. Few days after the camp registration was over, relocation forms were given to all corps members interested in relocation and redeployment, I initially went to camp with my medical report from a state hospital, though it was an authentic medical report, I was so sure of myself that I would be given any state I choose based on the fact I got an authentic medical report. To my greatest surprise I heard they would conduct interview for those who had medical issues and using medical report based for relocation. I was well prepared for the interview, the interview were conducted by medical corps members though, so after the interview I was optimistic I would be given my choice state, because I choose Ogun state based on the fact I was tired of Lagos life, I was born and breed in Lagos, I needed a change. So I choose Ogun state, on the day camp was ending our relocation letter was shared by our platoon officer. To my greatest surprised I was relocated to ‘Edo state” and not Ogun state.  I wasn’t happy with the decision, but i got no choice, Edo state is still better than Adamawa state, Also its far from home. I get to have new experiences, meet new people, learn new languages and also broaden my life and be a Man living alone and all. Am currently still serving in Ekpoma, Edo state.

So sorry for the long story above, am only sharing my personal experience with you guys. Let’s get started on the relocation process below:

The National Youth Service Corps will only consider relocation requests that meet the requirements below:

Marital Ground: Marital ground is usually only considered for female corps members who want to move to the state of residence of their husband. A corps member who wants to be relocated to another state, should after the Swearing-in Ceremony apply in his/her writing stating why he/she wants to be relocated. The application should be addressed to the Director-General through the State Coordinator. If you are applying on marital ground, you are to attach the following:

Marriage Certificate

  • Change of name in any of the National Newspaper
  • A letter from your husband’s office as an evidence that your husband is domiciled in the state you want to relocate to.

Medical Ground: You will need a medical report from our institution’s medical Centre or a recognized General Hospitals, Federal Medical Centers, Military/Police Hospital reports. And claimed to medical case history are subject to further confirmation to establish their authenticity.

Security Ground: States affected are: Borno, Adamawa, Gombe, Yobe, and other Northern states in that region. This has been a major concern in the country and the trend of Boko haram is on the high-rise, most Northern states are not safe anymore, every day we hear strange news about Boko haram, moving from one Northern states to the next.

Below is a hand written relocation requirement for marital grounds and medical ground pasted in my Camp:

IMG-20141201-00159 IMG-20141201-00158

Also below is the relocation form you would be given in your various orientation camps to fill for relocation and redeployment:



  • You need to write a hand written application letter stating your reasons for relocation and attached it to your relocation form when submitting.

NOTE: You can’t be relocated to your state of origin. Just forget choosing your state of origin as your chosen state.

Below is my hand written application letter


Finally, God would go with all Prospective corps members Batch A Stream I going to their Orientation camps on the 5th of May 2015, And also Batch A Stream II reporting in camp on the 2nd of June

Best of LUCK and God go with You All!!!

Wishing you guys the very best in your various orientation camps, and favor to be granted your desired state when relocating.

If you need more insight information, kindly add me on my BBM: 7A67E351.

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