Reasons Why You Should Buy The Google Pixel XL Phone


Google Pixel XL offers a premium design. There is nothing innovative about the design with the usual rounded corners. The body is built of aluminium with 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 4 covering on the front and back. Google Pixel XL sports a fingerprint sensor on the back. It is available in Very Black, Quite Silver, Really Blue.

The Google Pixel XL is currently available pre-order in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia. It has a starting price of $769 in the US. The pre-order will begin in October 13. The Google Pixel Price in Nigeria is expected to range from 250,000 Naira to 450,000 Naira.

So the question is whether it’s worth the price. Below are a few reasons I think it is:

Unlimited storage of full-resolution photos and videos.

This is an awesome perk for anyone who has opted for the free tier of Google Photos since it launched in mid-2015. The storage service promises that photos it stores and syncs for free are high quality, but they’re not complete copies of what you capture on your mobile device. Now I don’t have to worry about using up my precious gigabytes of storage on Google Drive and having to pay extra if I opt for “original” quality photo and video storage.

Great camera.

The camera on the Pixel is apparently very good. So good, in fact, that it got the highest score ever recorded in the DxOMark benchmark. And early photos from Googlers who have been testing the Pixel look great. In my testing, the camera snapped photos very quickly — faster than the 5X that I’ve spent several months with.

Free VR headset.

The Google Store now has a special promotion: If you preorder a Pixel, you’ll also receive a Daydream View virtual reality (VR) headset free of charge. (The headset is normally priced at $79.) Google is effectively subsidizing the cost of trying out Google’s second-generation implementation of mobile VR.

Easy 24/7 support.

One thing that the Nexus phones and tablets never had is constantly availabile support from customer service agents, either over the phone or in an interactive messaging interface. That the Pixels boast this suggests Google really cares about customer satisfaction with these devices. This is almost like what Apple offers its customers with the Genius Bar, but it’s less dependent on in-person meetings. Google’s Project Fi support has been excellent in my experience so far, and I imagine it will be just as good for the Pixels.

Historical significance.

While you could argue that the Motorola Moto X was the first phone to come directly from Google, this is the first phone to carry only the Google brand — without the Motorola M or Nexus branding. Like the first iPhone, it’s a device you’ll want to look back on over the years if you follow the technology industry. Google’s considerable advertising spend in just the past few days is an indication that Google wants everyone to know that this is a big deal.

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