Reasons Why You Should Buy A Solar Power Bank


Solar power has been well known as an alternate power source using the sunlight as a means of generating power cycle, for instance you need power for small devices when you’re away from electrical outlets for more than a couple of days, the solar power bank is best suitable for you if you have a sunny day at your advantage.

The solar power bank as two main features which are; Solar Panel Chargers and Power Banks. Below better explain the two distinct features of the solar power bank;

Solar Panel Chargers

  • A compact light robust folding solar panel, no battery
  • Range in power from 7w-100w and outputs for 5v usb charged, 12v and 18v
  • Sophisticated solar controllers give reliable constant power in any natural light
  • Range from charging 2 x Phones/Tablets/Power Banks or 19v Laptops, 12v Batteries
  • Suitable for ongoing off grid portable power, Boats, Campervans and Overland vehicles

Power Banks

  • A usb rechargeable battery with a reserve of power
  • Suitable for storing power from our Solar Panel Chargers
  • Range from 1-8 stored phone charges
  • Includes waterproof and ‘jump starter’ power bank models
  • Suitable for every day back up portable power and when combined with our Solar Panel
  • Chargers ongoing off grid power reserve.

Are Solar Power Bank Any Good?

You generally get what you pay for, a decent battery and internal electronics. All have a usb chargeable battery with between 2-8 charges as a reserve. Does not require any light when charging a phone or usb device. The MSC solar chargers can all recharge from any mains, PC or car usb. The solar panel will trickle charge the inbuilt battery in any natural light. Hold their charges for months, when not in use. The solar trickle charge allows more charges from a given size and weight of battery. The larger ones are able to give on going off grid power.

What Devices can I charge with The Solar Power Bank ?

  • All mobile phones including iPhone, Samsung, Nokia and Sony
  • All 5v Tablets including iPad, Nexus and Samsung
  • Electronic cigarettes and all mp3 players including iPod
  • USB charged Garmin, GoPro, compact Cameras, VHF and GPS
  • Any 5v usb charged device icluding our LED lights and usb torches

Types Of Solar Power Banks

  • Single-panel: Since they only have one panel to capture solar energy, single-panel chargers are best for phones and other small devices.
  • Multi-panel: As the name suggests, multi-panel chargers have a number of solar panels, which means that they can provide a greater amount of energy to your devices, and are also better-equipped to work with larger devices that require more energy.

Useful Tips For Shoppers

    • Wattage: The specifications for each charger include a description of the power (in watts) that the charger can produce. Be sure to pick a charger that will give you all the power you need.
    • Device compatibility: When selecting a charger, be sure to pick one that will work with as many devices as you will likely need to charge; if you can’t find one that works with all of your devices, pick one that will work with your most essential tools.
    • Power bank: Look for a model that features a power bank, which is an energy storage device. That way, if there is insufficient sunlight for the charger to work at full capacity, you’ll still have some energy left over to charge your phone.

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PRICE: You can the solar power bank from the price tag of N4,000 to N6,000. To purchase the solar power bank, Kindly give us a call 08034947768.

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