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Last Updated on August 29th, 2016.

Sneakers are known under different names. They are often referred to as athletic or tennis shoes, takkies, trainers. But actually it doesn’t really matter in what names you call this footwear, as long as you are wearing them. Sneakers are a kind of footwear designed especially for exercising. However, sport style and simplicity are in trend today, and you can see more and more boys and girls in comfortable and stylish sneakers.

Sneakers are shoes on a flexible sole made of rubber or synthetic materials and upper leather or synthetic part, and such construction makes them perfect casual footwear.

How to wear sneakers with style

There is hardly a person who never had a pair of amazing sneakers from Chuck Taylor. And there is no single person, who never heard of them. Converse shoes deserve a special attention for being a favorite footwear for millions of people all over the word. Despite sport design, they fit so different clothes!

Sneakers can be found on the shelves of the majority of stores selling clothes. Even in sport stores you will find a separate stand with sneakers for walking, city, and active lifestyle. It means that you may officially combine sneakers with almost anything you have in your wardrobe. Just do it right.

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Sneakers and jeans

This is the most popular combination of things you see on the city streets. But don’t wear any jeans with any sport shoes. The best options are skinny or boyfriend jeans, and the key element is an exposed ankle.

Sneakers and dress

If your granny wonders, how it is even possible, prove her that it is all about contrast, and you still can look feminine. And, what is more important, it is much more comfortable than high heels or wedge. Try on a casual dress and trainer and surprise non-believers.

Sneakers and leggings

And still the same thing: you can wear it, if you wear correctly. Don’t choose something too dressy or something that will make you look like you’ve just came out of the gym. Take an oversized top out of the wardrobe, make sure you are covered, and you are ready to hang out with family or friends in the neighborhood.

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The main advantage of wearing sneakers with different outfits is a possibility to feel comfortable, but to do it with style and charm. You aren’t allowed to choose either this or that, as there are too many options to miss something.

Sneakers and sports

However, looking good is not only about clothes. You should keep fit and exercise regularly. Thus, we slowly come closer to the original purpose of sneakers. Don’t worry, the selection of these models is equally wide. You will find something that suits you and looks attractive.

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There are separate types of shoes for court and field sports, be sure to choose the appropriate ones. These models are different in terms of cushioning, flexibility, stability, and control. Golf, cycling, aerobics and dancing shoes come separately and are more different both by design and functionality.

For those who haven’t decided yet, what will fit them better, there is a universal solution: cross-trainers. They combine features of several different types of sport shoes and are good for those, who are still deciding or trying what they can do better.


Sneakers and shopping

We’ve already mentioned that sneakers can be found in any store. However, you want great shoes – high-quality and good-looking. And it would be really good to get them at affordable price. Don’t despair and don’t even doubt. Everything is possible if you decide to buy sneakers on Jiji. Jiji knows everything about sport and fashion. It provides free access to thousands of offers and invites you to the virtual marketplace. is a real market – with deals between sellers and buyers, with direct communication, low prices, bargaining and so on. The only difference is a new domain, letting you save a lot of time. Visit the website, check out everything on your own, and enjoy.

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