WhatsApp Tricks,Tips & Hacks On All Devices

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WhatsApp Tricks,Tips & Hacks On All Devices – has become one of most popular social application on all platform ranging from mobile platform like Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, and windows phone, also it is used on Pc. With Whatsapp you can send unlimited messages to any one in the world.

This article is going to show you cool awesome whatsapp tips,tricks and hacks which can be on any platform either mobile or Pc. Also for those who have been looking for ways to prank  friends and loved ones on whatsapp, I recommend this article for you.

1. How to Hack and Read Whatsapp chat

You can hack and read all the conversation of your friend on whatsApp, this sounds awesome right? To do this so first you need to go to connect your friends device on Pc and open the MicroSD card then click on the “im” folder, then click on WhatsApp folder there you see database files and backup of his/her whatsapp chats like this below:


Just copy all the files on your pc and save them.

NOTE: Before you would be able to hack and view the chats you need to  perform the same process of going to your own memory card and clicking on the ‘im” folder and then whatsapp folder, now save all your database files on a different folder on your pc, then delete all the files and replace them with the database files of your friends. Now you can simply read your friends chat on your whatsapp.

2. How to Share ZIP, PDF, EXE, APK, RAR and send large Files

We all know WhatsApp came with the limitation that you can only send audio, video and images with it. But with the help of this cool whatsapp tricks you will be able to send or share ZIP, PDF, EXE, APK, RAR and large files to your friends on whatsapp.

Follow below steps on your mobile:

  • First of all install DropBox and CloudSend Application in your mobile
  • Now open CloudSend, you will be prompted to link with Dropbox. Click Allow
  • Share the file on CloudSend which you want to share with your friends on whatsapp. File be automatically uploaded to your DropBox server and link will be provided to that file
  • Copy the given link and share it to with your friends on WhatsApp. You friend will simply open that link and can able to download the file in their mobile.

3. How to Recover Deleted and lost Messages

Follow the below steps to recover deleted messages on your WhatsApp:

WhatsApp saves all conversation on SD Cards of mobile
Go to Mobile SD Card and follow the steps mentioned above in step 1 on how to hack and read whatsapp.
You can now able to restore and read all your WhatsApp messages.

4. Create Fake WhatsApp Chat

You can create fake whatsapp chat with celebrities and amaze or prank your all friends and loved ones on whatsapp.


Download an android application called WhatSaid – Download WhatSaid App for Android

Now with this app, you will be able to create fake whatsapp conversation with anyone by simply inserting their pictures, name and then create your own messages (Fake messages)

5. Run Multiple Whatsapp Accounts on a Single Phone

You can run two or more whatsapp accounts on a single mobile device using an application called OGWhatsapp. This App allows you to operate multiple whatsapp accounts on your android device.

OGWhatsapp is a modded version of Whatsapp messenger for Android devices. also it uses use 2 numbers of whatsapp in one single android device, and it doesn’t require you to ROOT your android device.


I hope this tutorial has been of great help?

5 thoughts on “WhatsApp Tricks,Tips & Hacks On All Devices”

  1. Hi expert,

    I’m seeking help from you on how to restore my whatsapp backup of my blackberry Q10 to an android phone. Do you have any idea? Thanks!

    • Yes you can manually restore all your whatsapp chat. you just have to copy IM folder on your memory card which has all your whatsapp chats, then copy the whatsapp folder to your new android phone storage and load whatsapp..its going to sync automatically.

  2. Did this method actually work?
    Is it possible to restore WhatsApp backups from different type of phones on another one (i.e. BlackBerry to Android or vice versa)? Because officially it is not supported.

  3. This stuff doesn’t work, i tried to hack my girlfriends account for hours and it didn’t work. i hired a hacker and within an hour he sent me all my girlfriends whatsapp activities. he also hacks instagram, skype and facebook. he is very reliable contact him at ethanhacker01@gmail.com


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