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Who buys human hair?

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Hair was valued at all times, especially its popularity increased when wigs came in vogue. At this point, the new profession appeared – a hairdresser. Specialist of hair and wigs (hairpieces) treatment, is quoted to this day. His work is like jewelry. It should not only create a quality product, but make a selection of proper input materials. In our case, this material is human hair.

Who and where uses human hair?

Most often hair care salons use bought hair in the production of wigs, hairpieces, hair pins or locks for extensions. But the work with the primary raw material before its start up to the implementation is rather complicated. This includes washing, combing, straightening, dyeing, processing and clamps to mount accessories. During processing, it lost even more than a third of hair, that is why the price on the shelves of such professional hair shops is measured for at least several locks. The cost of hair is determined by a number of factors, in particular, the structure of hair and its length. The less hair length, the lower it’s cost!


Beautiful and long hair always was very much appreciated. No wonder they are called the women’s treasure. On Jiji, you can find wigs and curls of all types – straight, curly, wavy! This is definitely the best choice of human hair on sale for best prices! Malaysian, Peruvian, Brazilian, Cuba curls, spring rolls, and silky hair is already waiting for the new owner!


Natural wigs are very popular. And no wonder that natural wigs at any time are able to give an easy change of the usual hairstyle and hair color and make the look fashionable and interesting. Native hair does not suffer at the same time. Not to mention the substantial assistance when you want to hide the real problems with your own hair. Therefore, we can surely say that for many women natural wig is quite in demand piece of wardrobe, equally to gloves, handbag, and scarf.


Except for wigs, people prefer natural human hair for hair extension. Such hair looks natural, is easy to take care and can be used for a very long time. If you are making a choice whether to use fake hair or human hair – choose the last one!


Many celebrities prefer human hair wigs – can you imagine Lady Gaga or Beyonce in the wig of bad quality? Only changing hair length from short to long give away the presence of wig! But some celebrities, who avoid wigs sometimes look messy, like Britney.


African ladies are luckier – they can use crochet braid hair extension and apply the lock to own hair without any hints that it is not their own).



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