Classified advertising is commonly known from newspapers, but nowadays it has changed a lot and moved to another site – the Internet, thus creating an entire new branch of e-commerce. Marketplaces gather an impressive number of adverts, making prices more competitive, selection wider and shopping process more convenient. To experience all the advantages of these services, check out Jiji.ng. It is the biggest classifieds functioning in the country, where you can find any items and services you want to buy or order.

As well as classifieds are attractive for a lot of users, they attract scammers easily, too. Nevertheless, Jiji is the greatest in dealing with those. To start with, every new user is verified. If a scammer manages to pass this stage, there will be always a user who notices something suspicious in his activity and report about it. Jiji’s security system will block such users. But there are certain criteria for blocking, as there may be possibly some jealous sellers desperate to get rid of people offering similar things. Besides, buyers leave feedback, so you can easily see whether a person is reliable or not.

Scammers are probably the only thing which makes Jiji not completely perfect, because numbers and statistics tell about show different situation. During last year, 36,655,103 users visited the website looking for different things. Cars, phones and jobs became the most popular categories, while Toyota and BlackBerry became the best-selling brands. Jiji has a lot to offer and cares about every user.

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