10 Best AI Video Generator Sites in 2023

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The trend of Artificial Intelligence had already reached sky high. It all started with OpenAI launching its chatbot ChatGPT. It’s not that ChatGPT is the first AI chatbot, but it’s the most popular one and has dominated the AI chatbot section.

After experiencing the powers of AI Chatbots, developers have come up with AI video generators. AI Video Generators function the same; you provide them with the text input, and the generators will create a video for you.

AI Video Generators can now create videos where an AI generated human can speak. It can also come up with its video concept after analyzing your text prompts.

Like text-based AI chatbots, the functionality of AI Video Generators largely depends on the type of text prompts you provide. The clearer the prompt is, the more relevant the video the AI video generator will create.

10 Best AI Video Generator Sites

So, if you want to create videos with AI, continue reading the article. Below, we have listed some of the best free AI video creators worth trying. Most of them require account creation & premium plan purchase, but you can opt for the trial version (if applicable).

1) Pictory

Pictory is a unique video generator that can convert scripts to videos in just a few minutes. This is a premium service, but there’s a free trial available.

You can opt for the free trial to give its features a try. Pictory can help you create professional quality videos from your script with realistic AI voices, matching footage, and music.

The AI-based video creator has all the features you would need to replace an expensive videographer. Also, there are options to turn blog posts into videos. So, if you are a blogger, you can create a video for your post and embed it on your website to benefit your readers.

The AI Assistant of Pictory does the hard work for you and you don’t need any technical knowledge to create a video.

2) Synthesys


Synthesys is basically an AI content suite that can create videos with avatars, voiceovers, and images. This ultimate AI studio will let you create videos, images, voiceovers, and everything else you will need from a single interface.

You can choose from 400+ ultra-realistic human-sounding voices to create amazing videos. Also, Synthesys provides you with AI humans that you can use on your videos and make them speak your text.

The AI avatars are the main selling point of Synthesys, and there are 70+ of them available on the top-tier package. Synthesys is a premium AI studio, but you can use it for free.

The free account of Synthesys provides you with limited editing time, but it’s good for creating a single video and having a taste of the features.

3) DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI

If you are searching for a free tool to create generative AI videos from a script, DeepBrain AI could be an ideal choice for you. It’s the most popular AI video creator on the market that offers various features.

You get amazing features like Text-to-video conversion, photo-realistic AI avatars, the ability to create custom avatars, an online video editor, etc.

For easy video editing, DeepBrain AI provides you with a wide range of presets to get started. You can choose a video preset for creating presentation videos, sales pitches, explainer videos, etc.

The only thing we disliked about DeepBrain AI was its pricing. The starter plan that costs $30/month only allows you to create a total of 10 minutes of videos per month with six scenes.

The pro plan costs $225/ Mo and gives you 90 minutes per month. So, DeepBrain AI is more expensive than Synthesys.

4) Synthesia

Synthesia: best free AI video creators

Synthesia is another of the best AI video Generators on the list that can turn your text into videos within a few minutes. The service provides natural sounding AI voices in more than 120 languages.

There are also 140+ AI avatars, video presets, and more. The thing we liked most about Synthesia is that it allows you to re-edit the videos; this allows you to keep your video library up to date with reshoots.

If we talk about the pricing, Synthesia is competitively priced; there are two plans to choose from – Personal & enterprise. If you want Synthesia for personal use, you can pick the base plan, which provides 10 video credits/month (1 minute of videos – 1 credit).

However, if you want an AI video generator for your company or business, you can opt for the Enterprise plan. You need to contact the support team of Synthesia to know the pricing of the Enterprise edition.

5) FlexClip


FlexClip is basically a web-based video editing suite that lets you create & edit videos for the brand, marketing, social media, family, and many other purposes.

Recently, FlexClip got lots of AI powered tools that can speed up the video creation process. Regardless of whether you want to create videos for your brand, marketing, or social networking promotion, there’s so much for everything.

There are three main tools offered by FlexClip: AI text to video, AI video Script, AI Image generator. The AI text to video tool steals the show with its ability to transform text prompts into stunning videos.

You will also access millions of stock resources while creating a video. Overall, if you want an easy to use AI Video Generator for personal & professional use, FlexClip should be your go-to choice.

6) Steve.Ai


Steve AI could be your best companion for creating impressive videos in a few minutes. The tool is smart enough to understand your script & pick the media assets accordingly.

Steve.Ai is already used by popular companies as it makes the video creation process very easy. Generating videos with this tool is just a few clicks away; upload the script and wait for the tool to come up with a unique video.

Hundreds of AI Avatars are also available for creating viral animated videos; you can use them to create talking head videos with lip sync. Steve AI is one such tool you should consider for creating videos that speak to your audience.

7) Lumen5


Lumen5 has been popular because it converts blog posts into videos. It recently got an AI video generator that can summarize your blog post and use AI to match each scene with relevant stock footage.

Also, the AI-powered tools of Lumen5 can create talking head videos that go viral on social networking platforms. The talking head videos you create with Lumen5 will also have AI-generated captions.

You also get an AI-powered video editor for adjusting the aspect ratio, adding watermarks, and making final edits. The only thing we disliked about Lumen5 is its user interface, which may confuse many users.

8) GliaCloud


GliaCloud is another awesome AI creator that can create videos for news content, live sports events, social posts, and statistical data within minutes.

With a premium plan, you get access to all the resources of GliaCloud. The web tool offers a wide range of assets to create engaging videos.

GliaCloud provides other useful options like adding voice over, URLs, etc. You also get basic video editing features like Trimming, cropping, etc.

If we talk about the pricing, all plans are available via quotation, but different plans are available.

9) Elai


Elai is a paid tool on the list that excels in the bulk video generation section. There’s a free plan, but you only get one free minute to test the solution.

The monthly plans are also pretty expensive; the basic one starts at $23/month, giving you 15 video minutes/month. The advanced plan, priced around $100/month, is more popular & provides 50 video minutes/month.

There are 80+ video avatars available in the library. Each talking avatar is based on video footage of real actors, which is processed with the AI solution of Elai.

Also, there are other ways to create videos with Elai, like converting Blog Post into AI video with a link, converting PPT to videos, etc.

10) Invideo


If you are looking for AI tools to create winning YouTube videos, Invideo could be your best option. It’s a video editing suite that’s powered by some AI features.

You get four different AI tools with Invideo: YouTube Video Editor, Slideshow Maker, AI Talking Avatar, and AI Script Generator. Each of the four tools provides you with different sets of features.

The AI Script Generator can generate amazing video scripts; the talking avatar lets you create a realistic video of a human presenter without any video production.

Besides these things, Invideo also provides 50+ AI video templates, filters, audio, etc. Overall, Invideo is an excellent AI video generator you can use today.

So, these are some of the best AI Video Generators you can use today. Please note that most of these web tools require a paid subscription, so go through the pricing details of each service to know which one is more cost-effective for you. Let us know which one is your favorite AI video creator on the list.


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