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6 Cool Uses Of Smartphones

Smartphones have multipurpose functions. These many functions makes it a must have for everyone. As smartphones continue to introduce new dimensions in mobile technology,

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3 ways to update your apps on Android

Applications are usually updated by developers at regular intervals. By doing this, they give you the option of downloading the current versions if you want to fully enjoy their services.

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Steps To Follow To Clean A USB Mouse

The mouse may be the most overlooked and perhaps underrated computer device since you can easily do without it. But, computer experts say that the mouse whether optical or mechanical makes clicking very convenient.

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Tips For Safe online Shopping

As online shopping gradually gains popularity in Nigeria, buyers are ever more concerned about protecting themselves online especially from fraudsters and internet ‘thieves’.

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How To Buy A Laptop Cheaper

For sure you have been exposed to such a situation: you urgently need to buy a certain product, but unfortunately it is not available in your area. Or you found an advertisement for the...

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