10 Best Android Apps To Control PC in 2020

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Well, it’s no doubt that Android is right now the most used mobile operating system. Since Android is based on Linux and its open-source by nature, we can actually enjoy some of the advanced apps. There are apps available for almost all different things on the Google Play Store. Similarly, there are few apps made for Android that can be used to Control PC.

Well, controlling computer through Android is something which we all want. We got to admit that there are times when we desperately want to control the PC from Android. Thankfully, there are some of the Android apps available on the Google Play Store that can control your computer via local WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.

10 Best Android Apps To Control PC in 2020

So, here in this article, we are going to list down some of the best Android apps to control the PC from Android. The great thing about these apps is that they also have screen sharing capabilities to gain complete control over desktop or laptop. So, let’s explore the 10 Best Android apps to control your PC.

1. Chrome Remote Control

Chrome Remote Control
Chrome Remote Control

Well, Chrome Remote Control is that it needs just a google account to share screen in-between device. Not just that, but the app is also fast and fully responsive, and it allows users to use their Android device like a mouse to control the computer. Users just need to download and Setup the Chrome Remote Control on chrome browser and Android app to share the screen.

2. Teamviewer for Remote Control

Teamviewer for Remote ControlTeamviewer for Remote Control
Teamviewer for Remote Control

Well, TeamViewer is one of the leading remote access tools available for Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS. The great thing about TeamViewer is that it doesn’t need both of the devices to be connected to the same WiFi network to start a remote session. You just need to open the app on both of the devices and share the User ID and Password to access the remote device.

3. Unified Remote

Unified RemoteUnified Remote
Unified Remote

Well, Unified Remote is another excellent Android app on the list that allows users to control other devices from Android remotely. The great thing about Unified Remote is that it can use Bluetooth or WiFi to remotely control other devices like a computer running on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

4. PC Remote

PC RemotePC Remote
PC Remote

The offers some useful features like Keyboard/mouse controls, PowerPoint controls, etc. Not just that, but PC Remote also provides a ‘Data Cable’ feature in which you can access computer files on a smartphone via FTP Server. So, PC Remote is another best app which you can use to control PC from Android.

5. KiwiMote


The great thing about KiwiMote is that it allows users to control their computers through Android via WiFi. However, your computer needs to have Java installed in order to run KiwiMote. Another best thing about Kiwimote is that it’s available on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers as well. That means you can control Windows, Linux, and Mac computers through Android.

6. VNC Viewer

VNC ViewerVNC Viewer
VNC Viewer

It is one of the best remote control based Android app which can be used to control PC from Android smartphone. The best thing about VNC Viewer is that it allows users to access the screen of their PC. Not just that, but VNC Viewer also offers users a few other features like backup & sync, Bluetooth keyboard, etc.

7. Splashtop Personal

Splashtop PersonalSplashtop Personal
Splashtop Personal

If you are searching for the easiest, fastest, and most secure remote desktop app for your Android smartphone, then Splashtop Personal might be the best pick for you. Guess what? Splashtop Personal allows users to access their Windows computer using an Android device. Another thing about Splashtop Personal is that it offers high resolution, real-time video, and audio streaming from the computer’s webcam.

8. Remote Link

Remote LinkRemote Link
Remote Link

Well, Remote Link from ASUS is one of the top-rated remote access app available on the Google Play Store. The app offers everything that you expect from a remote access app. It has some unique features like touchpad remote, keyboard remote, presentation remote, media remote, etc.

9. DroidMote


With DroidMote, users can control Android, Linux, Windows, or Chrome OS devices from the comfort of their couch. To start a remote session with DroidMote, users just need to install the server-client on the other device. The app is not much popular, but it’s definitely one of the best Android apps that you can use to control your computer.

10. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote DesktopMicrosoft Remote Desktop
Microsoft Remote Desktop

It is one of the best and top-rated remote desktop app available on the Google Play Store that can be used to connect to a remote PC or virtual apps. With Microsoft Remote Desktop, you can access PCs running Windows Professional, Enterprise and Windows Server. Microsoft Remote Desktop also supports high-quality video and audio streaming as well.

So, these are the 10 best Android apps that you can use to control your PC through a smartphone. If you know any other apps like these, then make sure to drop the name in the comment box below.


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