10 Best Android Apps to Turn Your Photos into Cartoons

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Nowadays, everyone spends most of the time with smartphones. Many youngsters are crazy about doing photography. You might have seen on the internet, most of them click pictures and then edit it. Now, you don’t need to be a professional photographer as everything can be easily done on your smartphone only.

Many smartphones have a great camera, and there are apps that help you to edit the pictures. There are plenty of different types of apps available, and one of them is Cartoon Apps. Cartoon App lets you convert your photos into a cartoon. So, if you want to convert your image into a cartoon form, then you can try out these apps. Here, we are providing you with a list of Cartoon Apps for Android.

List of Best Photo to Cartoon Apps for Android

With the help of Cartoon picture apps, you can turn your photo face into cartoon faces. Like, you can convert your photo into a sketch. Edit your pictures and quickly save it to your device and share it on social media apps or with friends and family.

1. Cartoon Yourself

Cartoon Yourself app

Cartoon Yourself app is an amazing photo editor app for Android. By using this app, you can easily convert your photo into a cartoon face. You can turn your photo into a cartoon sketch, cartoon drawing, and black and white cartoon. The user interface is very friendly and easy to use. Just open the app and select the photo which you want to edit from the gallery, or else you can take a picture by clicking on the camera.

2. AgingBooth

Aging boothAging booth

Earlier, this app went viral on the internet. AgingBooth is an app that shows you how you look when you are old. Many users have edited their pictures and posted them on the internet. Even celebs used this app and have shared the pictures. If you also want to see how you will look when you are old, download the app and open it. You can choose any photo from the gallery or can take a picture. There are different types of features available which you can use to edit the picture.

3. Cartoon Photo Editor

Cartoon Photo EditorCartoon Photo Editor

One of the best photo editor app which allows you to edit any picture to cartoon face. You can use your friends, family, or anyone’s image and make their faces like a cartoon face. You can download it for free from Play Store and use the unique editing features.

4. Avatoon

Avatoon appAvatoon app

Avatoon has powerful photo editing tools with which you can create a personalized avatar. It is an excellent idea of editing your image with a colourful cartoon avatar. With the help of Avatoon app, you can also create a personalized sticker and emojis of yourself. It is very easy to draw a cartoon face on your phone. You must try out this app once if you are crazy about editing photos.

5. Photo Sketch

Photo Sketch cartoon appPhoto Sketch cartoon app

Photo Sketch app gives you a feel of the artist by editing your photos with Pencil Sketch and Colour sketch. You can select any of your pictures and create it as an artistic pencil sketch and colour sketch. There is also the option of choosing a black and white photo sketch or colour photo sketch. You will enjoy while editing pictures as you can take a funny picture and then convert it into a pencil or colour sketch.

6. Painnt

Painnt Cartoon AppPainnt Cartoon App

Painnt app turns your photos into masterpieces. Improve your art with so many customizable HD filters and also use the most advanced AI tech. You can edit pictures that look like a real painting with so many beautiful colours and sharp brush. On this app, there are more than 1000 filters like a classical, comic book, modern, abstract, and more.

7. Moments Cartoon Caricature 

Moments Cartoon caricature-minnMoments Cartoon caricature-minn

If you want to make a sketch or a painting of your picture, then you can use this app. With this app, you can convert your normal picture into a beautiful cartoon picture with stylish lips and nose. It also allows you to modify the size of the picture and can also increase or decrease the brightness. There are stickers, filters and special editing tools to make your picture look amazing.

8. Photo Comics- Super Stickers

Photo comicsPhoto comics

Photo Comics has the cartoonist effects which you can add on both male and female photos. This app will automatically convert your photos into amazing cartoon picture. You can share these pictures to your friends which will be funny to see. There are funny stickers and text available which you can add to your photos. The app also has the option of erasers, restore and others.

9. Cartoon Sketch

Cartoon SketchCartoon Sketch

Cartoon Sketch app easily converts your photos into cartoons like the picture. There are more than 100 filters available which you can easily use to make your picture beautiful. You can add sketch, pencil, cartoon and other effects on your photo. Your picture will look realistic.

10. MojiPop

MojiPop MojiPop

MojiPop is another popular app to make your photos into cartoons. The app is very easy to use, and it gives amazing effects on your photos. Choose any picture of yours and edit it to make it look like a cartoon photo. There are different types of filters available like art filters, animated film filters, Christmas art filters, and others.

So, these are some of the best Android Apps to Turn Your Photos into Cartoons. We have tried out best and provided you with a list of 10 best apps to edit pictures. We hope this article was helpful to you. Stay tuned to us for more updates.


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