10 Best Canva Alternatives For Photo Editing in 2020

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The social media posts with attractive images grab 75% more shares compared to the content without any visuals. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Social media manager, internet marketer, blogger, YouTuber, you should know ways to create attractive images. Creating beautiful images for social networking platform is not a difficult task, you just need to know the proper methods.

Canva is one of the best online photo editors which is massively used by bloggers and YouTubers to create article cover images, YouTube video thumbnail, etc. The online editor has everything that you need to give your images a new touch. The only drawback of Canva is its hefty price tags. So, if the price is the issue that’s restricting you to edit your images, then you can use the ten best canvas alternatives given in this article.

Best Canva Alternatives For Photo Editing

There are possibly hundreds of Canva alternatives available out there. Some of them are software, and others are web-based editors. Below, we have shared some of the best photo editors that can be used instead of Canva.

1. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark
Adobe Spark

Looking for a web-based photo editor that offers users tons of useful features? You need to give Adobe Spark a try. Just like Canva, Adobe Spark can be used to create social media posts, YouTube thumbnail, etc. What’s interesting is that Adobe Spark is available for mobile as well. That means users can create new templates, apply themes, etc. right from the smartphones as well.

2. Easil

Best Canva AlternativesBest Canva Alternatives

It is another best Canva alternatives on the list which is known for its user-interface and designing materials. You won’t believe it, but Easil offers lots of pre-made templates for beginners to get started. What’s more interesting is that Easil has lots of photoshop type features like layers, merge layers, etc.

3. Stencil


Well, if you are a blogger or a social media marketer and searching for easy to use image creation tool, then you need to give Stencil a try. Guess what? Stencil offers over 1.5 million stock photos. Not only that, but Stencil also has over 650+ templates to create attractive images quickly.

4. Snappa


If you have been searching for the best Canva alternative for creating only social media posts, then you need to give Snappa a try. Well, Snappa and can share lots of similarities in between, but Canva is much superior to Snappa. There are limited number of templates and visual effects, but still, Snappa can be used for creating basic social media images in easy steps.

5. Polarr


It is a photo editing software that is available for Windows, MAC, Linux computers. It also has a web version. The web-based image editing suite is for those who are searching for an easy way to create attractive images on their own. Since its a full-fledged photo editor, you won’t find a single template on the site. Polarr is available in two versions – Free and Pro. The free version adds a watermark on every edited photo.

6. Gravit

Best Canva AlternativesBest Canva Alternatives

It is one of the best free Canva alternatives 2020 on the list that you can use right now. The best thing about Gravit is that it’s a full-fledge photo editing suite that brings lots of unique features. On Gravit, there are plenty of pre-made image templates that can be used for easy editing.

7. BeFunky


It is a web-based photo editor that has an Android and iOS app. If we talk about the image editing capabilities of BeFunky, the web-based photo editing tool allows users to create a collage, thumbnails, cover photos, etc. The great thing about BeFunky is that it categorizes all editing elements like a grid, icons, emoticons, etc as. After editing the photos, you can also save the edited photos to different cloud storage services directly.

8. Fotojet

Best Canva AlternativesBest Canva Alternatives

The great thing about Fotojet is that it offers lots of design elements for free. What’s more interesting is that it allows users to edit the design elements as well as you can change the color and transparency, make it large, etc. Fotojet has lots of pre-made template design for YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.

9. Crello


Well, if you are searching for the best and easy to use alternatives of Canva, then Crello might be the best pick for you. Guess what? The user interface of Crello looks pretty much similar to the Canva, and it shares lots of similarities. What’s interesting is that Crello can be used to create visual animations as well. If we talk about the cover photos, Crello has over 20,000 templates and over 240 fonts.

10. Pablo

Best Canva AlternativesBest Canva Alternatives

Well, Pablo is probably the best and most straightforward online photo editor on the list. Although it’s not as advanced as Canva, Pablo contains all useful features to get your image edited. You can create fantastic cover photos in just minutes with Pablo. It’s a free photo editor which provides over 600k+ pictures and plenty of photo filters. Not only that, but Pablo also offers lots of fonts as well. With Pablo, you can create Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest cover images.

So, these are the ten best Canva alternatives in 2020 that you can use right now. If you know any other best image editor, let us know in the comment box below. I hope this article helped you! Share it with your friends also.


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