10 Best iPhone Apps To Increase Internet Speed in 2021

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Indeed, smartphones don’t have enough processing power to access websites as fast as a computer, but there are ways to improve internet browsing speed. Yes, a faster internet connection is vital, but there are apps available for iPhone that can help you achieve the maximum available speed.

In this article, we will share a few best iPhone apps that claim to improve your internet speed. These apps make some changes to the DNS settings to maximize internet speed.

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List of 10 Best iPhone Apps To Increase Internet Speed

If you feel that your internet speed is slow on the iPhone, these apps can immensely help you. So, let’s check out the few best iPhone apps to increase internet speed.

1. VPN in Touch

VPN IN Touch

Give VPN in Touch a try on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, and discover for yourself that it’s the fastest and the most secure mobile VPN service around. Actually, this app doesn’t come with any internet boost feature, but it blocks ads from web pages, which eventually boosts the internet speed. Moreover, it also provides Data savings features.

2. Fing – Network Scanner


This is one of the best apps to get your network reports. With this, you can find out which devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network in just a few seconds. Fast and accurate, Fing is a professional App for network analysis. A simple and intuitive interface helps you evaluate security levels, detect intruders, and resolve network issues.

3. DNS Changer – Trust DN‪S

DNS Changer - Trust DN‪SDNS Changer - Trust DN‪S

Well, DNS Changer – Trust DN‪S is another best app that you can use on your iPhone to increase internet speed. It’s a DNS changer app that allows you to choose from 100+ free public DNS servers. Some of the DNS servers like AdGuard DNS will enable you to browse the internet faster by removing all ads. Apart from that, DNS Changer – Trust DN‪S can also recommend you DNS with malware protection feature.

4. Faster Internet Faster Internet1.1.1.1: Faster Internet or WARP is a new service from Cloudflare that makes your internet more private and safer. It’s a fast, secure, privacy-first DNS resolver that is freely available for everyone. The DNS server utilizes various latest technologies to make thousands of websites 30% faster on average. So, is another best iOS app that you can use to improve your internet speed.

5. Network Analyzer Lite

Network Analyzer LiteNetwork Analyzer Lite

This app can help you diagnose various problems in your wifi network setup and Internet connectivity, thanks to the tools it provides. It will help you find out issues in your network, which ensures fixing any existing problem causing the slow down in your network.

6. Coverage?


Well, Coverage‪?‬ is a little bit different from all others listed in the article. The app focuses on helping mobile bandwidth junkies find cell signals as they roam. Now the question is how the app can improve your internet speed? Well, if you manage to find a place where the cell phone signal is excellent, you are bound to get faster internet. So, Coverage‪?‬ Solves the hassle of manually searching the carrier’s website to check the network coverage.

7. iNet

1618203340 52 10 Best iPhone Apps To Increase Internet Speed in 20211618203340 52 10 Best iPhone Apps To Increase Internet Speed in 2021The great thing about iNet is that it helps users find out devices connected to the WiFi network. The app is similar to the Fing app that has already been listed in the article. Not that that, but the app also helps users to know whether the ports are opened for communication or not.

8. Wi-Fi SweetSpots

1618203340 374 10 Best iPhone Apps To Increase Internet Speed in 20211618203340 374 10 Best iPhone Apps To Increase Internet Speed in 2021

Well, if you play online games through WiFi, then Wi-Fi SweetSpots might do wonders for you. If your WiFi connection speed fluctuates a lot, Wi-Fi SweetSpots might help you find the slowest Wifi spots. This app doesn’t increase the speed of your WiFi connection, but it does help to know the perfect WiFi spots to get better internet speed.

9. OpenSignal


Well, if you are looking for an all-in-one signal toolkit for your iOS device, then OpenSignal might be the best pick for you. The app packs some great WiFi network management tools which can help you to improve your internet speed. For example, you can view the signal maps to find the best WiFi spots. Apart from that, the app can also help you find nearby free WiFi hotspots from all around the world.

10. Network Toolbox

Network ToolboxNetwork Toolbox

It is another best iPhone app to analyze the local or public network. The app is mainly used to find security issues or wrong configurations. It’s an advanced network analyzer tool that provides a tool for Network IP Scanning, Port Scanning, etc. If you know how to use the app, you can speed up your WiFi network.

So, these are the best iPhone apps to increase internet speed. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also. If you know any other such apps, let us know in the comment box below.


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