12 Best Dark Sky Alternatives For Android in 2023

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A few years ago, Apple acquired Dark Sky, which saddened many Android users. However, before the purchase, Dark Sky was available for Android, and it used to be the most useful weather app.

Soon after the acquisition, the Dark Sky team announced that the app would no longer be available for Android users after August 1, 2020.

Currently, the app is no longer available on the Google Play Store. Post-August 1, all the existing subscribers of Dark Sky’s Android app will receive a full refund.

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List of Best Dark Sky Alternatives For Android

Now that the app is no longer available on the Google Play Store, we have decided to share a list of the best Dark Sky alternatives for Android. These are the weather apps that offer real-time weather data of your location.

1. Overdrop

Overdrop is the most relevant Dark Sky alternative that you can use today. The reason is simple – Overdrop is powered by leading weather forecast providers like Dark Sky Weather, AccuWeather, etc.

So, the app collects weather information from the Dark Sky weather and presents it to you. You can use this app to see detailed weather forecast, receive severe weather alerts, etc.

2. WeatherPro


WeatherPro may not be as popular as Dark Sky, but it can still help you with accurate weather forecast reports. The app is perfect for those wanting a reliable, worldwide weather forecast and HD Maps with animated radar on their Android device.

WeatherPro shows you the current weather information and a 24-hour & 7-day forecast. Other than that, WeatherPro also brings you fully customizable and easy-to-read weather widgets in flexible sizes.

3. Weather Radar Free

Weather radar free

If you are searching for a Dark Sky alternative for Android to know the current/upcoming weather condition, rain, storm, hurricane, etc., then you need to try Weather Radar Free.

It provides real-time weather maps along with weather radar animations. You can set the app to show you weekly, daily, and hourly forecasts.

4. AccuWeather


If you are looking for an Android app to get live weather forecasts, accurate storm alerts, and weather news, you must try AccuWeather. The app shows precise weather forecasts, real-time alerts, and severe weather warnings on demand.

The app uses RealFeel temperature technology to show you a detailed overview of today’s temperature.

5. Weather and Widget

Weather and Widget

If you have ever used Dark Sky, you might know it was known for its beautiful widgets. So, the Weather and Widget app for Android replicates the Dark Sky widget on Android. The app provides you with a wide range of weather widgets.

After selecting a widget, the app offers many customization options, like interval, widget design, fonts, etc.

6. Windy


If you are searching for an advanced weather app for your Android device, you must try Windy. The app is suitable for pilots, paragliders, sailors, etc. The app could benefit those living in areas prone to climatic disasters like tsunamis, cyclones, twisters, etc.

It shows a world map with real-time Wind, rain, temperature, waves, clouds, and air quality. It has many features, and there are over 40 weather maps to explore.

7. Today Weather

Today Weather

If you are looking for something lightweight, providing local weather info on the current temperature, cloud level, and conditions, you will surely love Weather Today.

The app is meant to be simple, much like Dark Sky. Once set up, the app sends alerts for strong wind, heavy rain, or other severe weather conditions. Overall, it’s a tremendous Dark Sky alternative to use on Android.

8. Flowx


Flowx is one of the unique weather apps that one can use on Android. Regardless of location, you can rely on Flowx for weather information.

The app is known for its intuitive swipe gestures that let you travel back and forth in time to get the forecast animation. Technically, Flowx offers 30+ different weather information, including precipitation, wind, temperature, cloud, pressure, humidity, and more.

9. Weather Underground

Weather Underground

Weather Underground is one of the top-rated weather apps available on the Google Play Store. With Weather Underground, you can get your hyperlocal weather forecast with precise current conditions. It also sends you weather alerts of any upcoming severe weather events.

10. Apex Weather

Apex Weather

Although not very popular, Apex Weather is still one of the best weather widget apps one can have on Android. With this app, you can get daily and hourly forecasts, severe weather alerts, 7-day weather updates, etc.

Apex Weather is not just about weather reports; it also shows you the latest news covering entertainment, society, and sports.

11. Ventusky


If you miss the amazing 3D world map of Dark Sky, you should try Ventusky. It brings you a wonderful 3D world map that looks exactly the same as Dark Sky.

Regarding the Weather forecast, Ventusky shows the first three days of the forecast right on the main screen. For details of the other days, you have to manually search for the date in the app.

The premium version of Ventusky provides you with more features like Wind (16 levels), Windows gusts, Cloud coverage, Snow cover, Humidity, Dew Point, Air pressure, etc.

12. WeatherBug


WeatherBug has been on the market for 2 decades now, and it’s one of the leading weather apps for Android you can use today.

This dark sky alternative for Android provides you with 20 different weather maps, including the Doppler radar, future radar, air quality, lightning, precipitation, local temperature, wind direction, and more.

While WeatherBug is feature-rich, most of its useful features are locked behind a paywall. Hence, to get the most out of the app, you need to purchase the premium version of WeatherBug.

Since Dark Sky is no longer available for Android, you can use these free Weather apps to get accurate weather information. If you know of any other Dark Sky alternatives for Android, let us know in the comments below.


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