12 Best Money Management Apps For Android in 2023

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Those days are gone when money is just about cheques and cash. We are right now living in an era of plastic money. We all now choose to pay for any service online because online payments always come with few benefits. However, the digital form of payment also comes with a drawback.

Reports from some authority sites claimed that our spending habits have also increased with plastic money. Some reports even claim that people spend more using debit or credit cards. So, keeping track of all expenses with the ever-increasing costs becomes tough.

List of Best Money Management Apps For Android

So, if you are also struggling with money management, we got some Android apps for you. These Android money management apps will help you track income and expenses more efficiently. So, let’s check out some of the best free budget and money management apps.

1) Money Lover

Money Lover is for those who want more control over their money management. To help you manage your finances, Money Lover offers you many valuable tools.

You can use this app to note down both your income and expenses. Not only that, but the app even allows you to create financial reports. Overall, Money Lover is a great money management app for Android.

2) Goodbudget


Goodbudget is an excellent application for home budget planning. It’s a money manager and an expense tracker app with cross-platform support.

With Goodbudget, you can track your expenses, check account balances, save for the future with goal & annual envelopes, split expense transactions, add your income, and more.

3) Monefy


Monefy is a top-rated financial organizer and finance tracker app for Android smartphones. Monefy is pretty easy to use compared to any other finance management app.

This app can jot down your daily expense to track your spending habits. The app allows you to safely synchronize expense data using your Google Drive or Dropbox account.

4) Expense Manager

Money Management Apps

This is another best Android money management apps that you can use today. The app houses almost everything that you need to manage finances effectively.

For instance, you can track your expenses, income, taxes, debts, etc. Apart from these, the app also provides users with a calendar view for costs and income.

5) MoneyWise

personal expense tracker app

With MoneyWise, it’s easy to register your expenses on the go. Using graphs and filters, you get an overview of spending patterns and can drill down to see details.

For a more in-depth analysis of your financial situation, you can easily export all data to your computer and import it to a spreadsheet application such as Excel.

6) Financial Calculators

best personal finance app androidFinancial Calculator is a collection of essential calculators that could help you figure out various things. For example, the app has a loan calculator, compound interest calculator, TVM Calculator, etc. This is not a money management tool, but it can help you in different ways while managing finances.

7) Mint


Mint is another best money management apps on your Android smartphone. The great thing about Mint is that it brings all money managing utility in one place.

For instance, you can manage your bills, expenditures, income, etc. Not just that, but the app also allows users to pay bills and provides a credit score.

8) Money Manager

best budget app 2019

As the app’s name says, Money Manager for Android helps users manage money. If you are looking for an effective app for budgeting money, then Money Manager is a must-have app.

The app allows users to record their expenses and income, showing statistics based on their spending habits.

9) Wallet

WalletThe wallet is slightly different compared to all others listed in the article. Millions of users now use the app, and it asks you to log in with your Google, Facebook, or Email account. Once logged in, it automatically syncs all your income & expenses.

Over time, it records your income and spending habits and shows you easy-to-understand graphs for detailed analysis. The app is free to download & use but has in-app purchases.

10) AndroMoney


With AndroMoney, you can better manage your finances. The app arrives with an excellent interface, which is very easy to use.

AndroMoney can easily manage your daily accounting and managing categories. Not just that, but AndroMoney also has support for cloud storage (Dropbox and Google Docs).

11) Ivy Wallet

Ivy Wallet

Ivy Wallet is an excellent free money & budget management app for Android smartphones. This app allows you to manage your budget, track your spending habits, jot down your expenses, etc.

The user interface of the app is pretty clean and intuitive. Ivy Wallet lets you manually track multiple bank accounts, including the crypto ones.

Other than that, you can also note down your expenses on this app and have an overview of your monthly expenses in a Pie Chart.

12) Spendee


Spendee is a popular money management app on the Google Play Store. The app is already used by over 3 million people worldwide, and it lets you track spending and optimize your budgets.

Spendee shows all your money in one place – online banking, E-waller, crypto-waller, etc. After adding your banks, e-waller, etc., you can organize and analyze your spending habits.

Some key features of Spendee include creating a budget plan, adding wallets, sharing finances, etc.

These are some of the best Android free budget and money management apps you can use. You should start using these apps if you struggle with money management and spend more than you earn.


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