13 Best Evernote Alternatives For Android in 2023

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Let’s admit it; sometimes, we forget even the little things. In my everyday life, I have met a few people who kept forgetting about much-needed things like purchasing groceries, making a payment, etc.

To deal with such things, Android’s Google Play Store has many note-taking apps, like Evernote. Evernote is one of the best and top-rated note-taking apps available for Android smartphones that allows users to attach photos, videos, audio, etc., to their notes.

However, Evernote is not the only note-taking app available for Android. There are many better note-taking apps available for Android on the Play Store. In this article, we have decided to share a list of the best note taking apps for Android that you can use instead of Evernote.

List of Best Evernote Alternatives For Android

This article will share some of the best Evernote alternatives for Android that can be used to create notes. So, let’s explore the list of best Evernote Alternatives for Android.

1. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is one of the best Evernote alternatives for your Android smartphone. This app lets you organize your thoughts, discoveries, and ideas in just a few taps.

You can write notes, draw and clip things from the internet, scan documents and business cards, save pictures to your notes, and more.

Another best thing about Microsoft OneNote is that it syncs all your saved notes across devices and lets multiple people work on the content together.

2. Notion


Notion is a free and lightweight note-taking app that you will love to have on your Android smartphone. It’s a workspace where you can create notes, create a wiki of notes, clip research material from the internet, and more.

Apart from these, Notion also allows you to create a checklist, to-do list and provides team collaboration options. Overall, Notion is a great Evernote alternative on an Android smartphone.

3. WeNote


If you are looking for the best Android app for taking notes, look no other than WeNote. WeNote is a simple and lightweight note-taking app available for Android smartphones.

With WeNote, you can easily create notes, color notes, to-do lists, reminders, and set important dates in the calendar.

4. Easy Notes

Easy Notes

Easy Notes is a top-rated note-taking and to-do list app on the Google Play Store. It offers you a free notebook for note-taking.

Compared to other Evernote alternatives, Easy Notes has a cleaner interface. This app can even create notes with photos, audio, and sticky notes.

5. Google Keep

Google Keep

It is another top-rated note-taking app available on the Google Play Store. The great thing about Google Keep is that it seamlessly integrates with your Gmail account to show you calendar information like upcoming events, birthdays, etc.

Another best thing about Google Keep is that you can access the notes you create through the mobile app from any desktop web browser.

6. Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes

If you are a student looking for a note-taking app to help you record college lectures, then Lecture Notes might be the best pick. Guess what? Lecture Notes automatically record the audio playing around you and convert it to text format.

More interesting is that Lecture Notes also allow users to write and draw on the notes.

7. Notes


If you are searching for easy-to-use and lightweight note-taking apps for Android, then Notes might be your best pick. Guess what? With Notes, you can easily keep track of your thoughts and ideas.

Notes also offer users many other note-taking features like text formatting, pictures, and colors. Like Keep My Notes, this app can also password-protect your notes.

8. Notebook

Evernote Alternatives For Android

As the app’s name says, NoteBook is a dedicated note-taking app on the Play Store. With Notebook, you can create notes, add images, create checklists, etc. Apart from that, NoteBook also lets you record voice notes too.

9. Color Notes

Color Notes

Color Notes is a bit unique compared to the others in the article. Color Notes allows users to add colors to their notes to prioritize important tasks.

There’s also an option to back up notes to Google Drive. So, Color Notes is another best Evernote Alternatives For Android that you can use right now.

10. Notepad

Evernote Alternatives For Android

If you miss the Windows native Notepad app on Android, then Notepad might be the best pick for you. It’s a free, full-featured, easy-to-use notepad app for your Android smartphone.

With Notepad, you can easily note your thoughts, shopping lists, tasks, etc. Not just that, but Notepad also allows users to record lectures, business meetings, and interviews.

11. Squid


Squid is an application that lets you take handwritten notes naturally on your smartphone. The application lets you write just like you would on paper using an active pen or your finger.

You can also use this app to fill out forms, markup PDFs, edit papers, or sign documents. Some of the key features of Squid include taking notes with a finger, a vector graphics engine, etc.

12. Notewise


If you are searching for an easy-to-use and lightweight note-taking app for Android, look no other than Notewise. Notewise is a helpful app for students, teachers, artists, and professionals.

Apart from taking notes, you can also use this app to annotate, markup, and sign your PDF files. You also get various note customization options, like organizing notes in different sizes, scales, and backgrounds.

The only drawback of Notewise is that most of its features are locked behind a paywall. You need to purchase the items in the app to use Notewise at its full potential.

13. D Notes

D Notes

D Notes isn’t as popular as other apps on the list; it’s still one of the most beautifully designed and intuitive note apps you can ever use.

The app arrives with a beautiful material design, and you can create unlimited notes. But, more importantly, D Notes allows you to add photos, videos, and generic file attachments to the notes.

You can even protect your notes with a Fingerprint/PIN code, manage notes using categories and colors, backup & restore notes from Google Drive and SD Cards, etc.

Although Evernote is the best note-taking app for Android, it’s not meant for everyone. You can use these free note-taking apps if you are unsatisfied with Evernote. Drop the name in the comments below if you use any other Evernote alternative on your Android.


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