15 Best Android Emulators On Your PC 2018

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We all know very well that an Android emulator is basically a program that simply provides a virtual environment on your PC or desktop that works exactly like an Android mobile or tablet. In this virtual interface, you can simply install any Android application and then you can use in on your computer just like you use it from your mobile device.

As there are several valid reasons that why someone would want to use Android emulators. Yes, a developer may want to try your application before sending it to its users or any app store. A gamer may want to use the mouse or keyboard to play or maybe you just do not have an Android device and you want to try the Android OS or some applications.

Whatever the case, emulating Android on PC or computer is something very simple to do and here we will show you a list in which we will show you the 20 best Android emulators for PC.

Bluestacks 4.0

Best Android Emulators 2018
Best Android Emulators 2018

BlueStacks is a popular Android emulator that is completely free to download. It was launched in 2011, and since then it has extended the limits of the Android ecosystem. Many users around the world started in the world of Android emulation simply by using the well-known Android emulator, of course, BlueStacks.

Moreover, basically the well-known Android emulator, of course, BlueStacks is available for both the platform Windows and Mac for free.

Download Bluestacks 4.0 (2018)


IMG 2 3

If you are a developer looking for an Android emulator to test your app or game, then the well-known Android emulator Genymotion is for you. Basically, this emulator is very popular among developers and comes with a series of features to help in testing apps and games.

Moreover, this well-known Android emulator, of course, Genymotion is capable of simulating 3000 configurations of devices with support for more than 40 Android devices. It also has advanced automation options and collaboration functions.

The emulator also allows you to test how an app behaves with respect to the device’s battery and it even allows to use the webcam of the computer or laptop as a camera source for Android camera apps. What makes Genymotion even better is that it is compatible with Android SDK, Eclipse and Android Studio. The well-known Android emulator, Genymotion is available for the three main PC platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Download Genymotion Emulator

Remix OS Player

Best Android Emulators for PC
Best Android Emulators for PC

Remix OS Player provides Android’s Marshmallow emulation without any error. Unlike other emulators, the Remix OS Player interface is optimized to be computer friendly.

Based on Android Studio, Remix OS is optimized for app development and game performance. In addition to coming with a one-click configuration, Remix OS Player is also completely free.

Moreover, the well-known Android emulator, of course, Remix OS allows you to save the games while you play. It also allows simultaneous and multiplayer play, which is quite striking. The only problem with Remix OS is its high system requirements. Yes, this well-known Android emulator requires, at least, a Core i3 processor with an 8GB storage.

Download Remix OS Player



Nox App Player is one of the best and lightest Android emulators, and not only that as this emulator has a clean and tidy user interface. Besides, it also allows to run games and heavy apps without losing performance.

Nox is compatible with a wide range of Android game controls. Also, Nox supports most of the games developed for Android. It also allows you to install the Play Store as well as other third-party Android apps. The emulator is based on version 4.2.2 of Android (JellyBean) and is compatible with Intel and AMD processors. You can download it for Windows and OSX for free.

Download Nox App Player



VirtualBox is an impressive cross-platform tool that simply allows you to run any Android operating system on your Windows computer. It has some classic features along with those traditionally provided by other emulators.

It is usually used by developers to test their mobile apps based on Android. Therefore, you can also create your own emulator using VirtualBox.

Download VirtualBox Emulator


Best Android Emulators 2018
Best Android Emulators 2018

Run Android applications with Google Chrome on Mac OS, Linux and any version of Windows. To run this emulator the only requirement is that you have to install the Chrome version 37 or upper version on your system.

Download ARChon


Best Android Emulators for PC
Best Android Emulators for PC

MEmu is an Android emulator for a computer with excellent performance in terms of games. It is compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows 7 and supports all the latest graphics chips and cards from Intel, AMD and nVidia.

Moreover, this emulator also supports keyboard, mouse and Xbox/PS drivers. MEmu only provides compatibility with Android Lollipop. MEmu offers a simple way to install apps: just drag and drop the APK into the emulator’s interface that’s it and then you can install any applications or games you want. In addition, MEmu allows you to run other Android emulators at the same time, which is quite convenient.

Download Menu



KoPlayer is a relatively new and completely free Android emulator. Its main objective is to run games, as it allows you to emulate Android controls with the computer keyboard. Also, record the game and load it from other devices and equipment.

The installation process is quite simple, and the emulator itself works very well. Like most emulators, it has random execution problems, but nothing serious. In addition, it has a lot of utilities and everything at no cost.

Download KoPlayer


IMG 9 1

Andy is an emulator that allows you to download almost all Android apps and games directly on your computer. With Andy, you can easily run all your favorite apps and enjoy them as if you were doing it on a mobile device. Moreover, the most interesting thing about this emulator is that it provides unlimited storage capacity as well.

Andy has support for Windows and Mac compatibility. You can use your own mobile as a remote control when running games in the emulator. It also allows you to run all messaging apps from your computer, including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, Line, etc.

Download Andy


IMG 10 1

With a well-organised user interface, this Android emulator, of course, LeapDroid stands out as one of the best emulators. Unlike other emulators, LeapDroid has clear built-in functions, which improves the user experience in games, apps, compatibility, etc.

Download LeapDroid https://leapdroid.en.softonic.com/


IMG 11

Droid4X is an excellent simulator of the original Android operating system that you can run on your computer. With Droid4X, users will have a virtual Android device with individualized configuration and performance.

Droid4X also allows you to download Android apps and games, and execute them on a computer screen quite conveniently. It has a version of Windows and Mac, while the iOS version is in development.

Moreover, this emulator is very light, and it may seem similar to other emulators at first glance. However, it is distinguished from the others by including a remote control utility available to install on your smartphone.

Download Droid4X


IMG 12 1

YouWave is an excellent option to emulate Android in Windows operating system. As this emulator gained popularity in a very short time, due to its intuitive and easy-to-use interface. The addition of some unique features and Windows compatibility make it one of the best emulator on the market.

Moreover, the well-known YouWave is one of the oldest Android emulators available for computers. YouWave does not have any specific features for games, although it runs very well. This makes it good for light games and for productivity.

Download YouWave


IMG 13 1

AMIDuOS is an Android emulator for PC that works with the tech giant Microsoft’s Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. As it allows you to run almost all applications based on Android.

Moreover, AMIDuOS works very well for multiple purposes. Most of its characteristics are based on productivity. That makes it a good option to use it running office apps, documents, etc. There is no specific feature for games, but it runs games quite well.

Download AMIDuOS


IMG 14 1

Manymo is an interesting option, as it has a variety of sizes to choose from. In addition, it has development tools and it is oriented mostly to developers, which makes it not so practical to use for the common user.

Download Manymo


Best Android Emulators for PC 2018
Best Android Emulators for PC 2018

Windroy is one of the well-known Android emulators which is light and with lots of functions. The emulator has some apps and games pre-installed, and you can get more from the Google Play Store. Windroy will allow you to run all kinds of Android apps, and it offers excellent compatibility.

One of its great advantages is that this emulator is free to download and easy to install. It’s worth giving it a try if you need an emulator that runs fast, especially on older machines.

Download Windroy

All these emulators that are mentioned above are our top 15 best Android emulators for PC or desktop. Depending on the features you are looking for. So, what do you think about this list? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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