21 Awesome Snapchat Tricks, Tips And Hidden Options 2016

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As of late, although individuals are busy in their duties, they by no means miss out a look on their social networking sites. Snapchat is without doubt one of the high most video messaging application that a lot of the youngsters and adults are addicted at present. Sure, one can’t blame anybody because the app itself is a type of attention grabbing.

Snapchat is immensely common in the present day with greater than 2 billion snaps despatched on a regular basis on the self destruction images & video messaging app however the truth stays that it’s not essentially the most simple to make use of. The very addictive messenger app packs in a fancy user interface, which takes a while getting used to. Chances are high, you utilize the app to easily send pictures & videos to your pals and you don’t have any concept that Snapchat features tons of cool methods ready to be unlocked.

So, if you’re a brand new Snapchatter, you have to be trying to find out about what extra you are able to do with the app. Well, look no further, as listed here are the superb Snapchat tips that ensure you take advantage of out of the app.

Below are 21 Hot Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features of using SnapChat In 2016

1. Use two filters directly

Filters make the Snapchat experience a whole lot better however do you know that you could possibly use two filters at once? Well, you should use a picture filter together with one of many information label filters which are obtainable.


To do it, simply apply the first filter on a snap and hold one finger on the display whereas utilizing one other finger to decide on between the other filters.

2. Save data via Travel Mode

Screenshot_2016-04-12-16-50-39 Screenshot_2016-04-12-16-50-49

Snapchat is a very addictive experience and which will end in your mobile data getting used up fairly regularly. Fortunately, Snapchat features a cool “Travel Mode“, which reduces mobile data usage by not loading any snaps automatically. When the Travel Mode is enabled, you’ll have to manually tap to load content material like snaps or stories. It’s disabled by default, so you’ll have to head over to app’s Settings->Manage (Additional Services) and allow Travel Mode.

3. Make selfies hilarious with cool Lenses

Screenshot_2016-04-12-16-58-35 Screenshot_2016-04-12-16-58-12

The assorted lenses on Snapchat make sure that you keep having fun with the app. There are tons of nice lenses to boost your selfies and videos, taken from the front-facing camera. Simply press hold within the middle of the front-facing camera view and you will notice numerous lenses down beneath. Select amongst numerous humorous lenses and comply with the directions like “Open your mouth” to take a hilarious photograph or video. Do be sure that to maintain your face up proper in sync with the camera or the lenses don’t work.

4. Take a look at rewind and Slow-mo filters

Together with some cool picture enhancing filters and information labels, Snapchat additionally contains some cool filters for videos. After you are taking a video on Snapchat, simply swipe throughout various filters and you’ll find three icons showing a snail, rabbit and a rewind button.

  • The snail filter turns your video right into a sluggish-mo video,
  • the rabbit filter will increase the speed of your video’s playback,
  • and the rewind filter reverses your video.

5. Swap camera modes with taps


Switching between the rear and front camera will be quite a problem at occasions and thus, Snapchat has included a cool shortcut to change between them with ease. You simply have to double tap within the camera viewfinder to change between the 2 camera modes.

6. Reply to Stories

Snapchat’s pretty recent “Your Story” feature allows you to add pictures to your profile that will be seen by your pals for twenty-four hours. So as to add a picture to a story, all you should do is the press the plus icon after taking a snap, which is the third button on the lower left.

Your pals cannot only view your stories but in addition reply to them. For example, you might be viewing a buddy’s story and also you need to inform them something about a specific image. To try this, you may swipe up from the bottom, type your message and hit enter. Your friend will then receive your message together with the picture.

7. Allow night time camera mode


Users have always complained about poor lit pictures in Snapchat however there’s a hidden feature, which helps you to take brighter pictures. The app has a constructed-in night time camera mode, which is automatically activated in poor lighting or darkish. Well, you may power this night time camera mode to be enabled by opening Snapchat after which covering the camera lens. Additionally, just remember to do it in a badly mild place, so as to trick the app into pondering you’re in the dead of night. It’s not essentially the most user friendly method however this could do for now. When the night time camera mode is activated, you will notice a half-moon icon alongside the flash button.

8. Send images from Gallery


Snapchat not too long ago introduced the flexibility to send photographs out of your Gallery. When you find yourself inside a chat, you may press the yellow button to open up the camera. Apart from the capture button within the viewfinder, you’ll discover an icon that may take you to your phone Gallery to pick out a picture. Sadly, you’ll be able to solely send photos from the Gallery if you find yourself inside a chat and never directly from the home page

9. Start live video chat

You may simply start a video chat on Snapchat. When the particular person you might be speaking to is on-line at the same time as you, you will notice a glowing Blue button instead of the Yellow one, which implies the live video chat possibility is accessible. You together with the person you are making the video call with must press hold the Blue button to start out the video call. When you take away your finger, the video call will be ended.

10. Friend emojis


Snapchat features a cool “Friend emojis” feature, which was beforehand a extra restricted “Best friends” feature. The options determine who’s your best buddy or who’s your mutual best good friend and so on. by taking into consideration your snap frequency. A best friend, mutual best friend, BFF and so on. have totally different emojis for each of them, which seem subsequent to your friends once they message you. You may have a look or change the emojis in Snapchat’s Settings->Manage(Additional Services)->Friend Emojis. A great way to learn about your pals, isn’t it?

11. Control Camera with volume buttons

Tapping the capture button or holding it for videos is usually a problem at instances, particularly when you find yourself utilizing the front-facing camera and that might be the reason that Snapchat permits you to control the camera together with your phone’s volume buttons. You possibly can press any of the volume buttons to capture and press hold the button for videos.

12. Check views in your story

snapchat 3

If in case you have created a story on Snapchat, you may test the number of views your footage have gotten. To check, go to the “Stories” tab, available one swipe away from the home page. Tap “My Story” and swipe up from the bottom of the display screen, which is able to present you number of views and individuals who have seen it.

13. Resize, invert emojis and textual content

Screenshot_2016-04-12-17-02-47 Screenshot_2016-04-12-17-04-13

Emojis actually make a picture extra enjoyable and with Snapchat, you’ve gotten the flexibility to simply resize them and even invert them. Just add any emoji after you have got taken an image after which use pinch to zoom to extend or decrease its size. You may as well pan your fingers around to rotate it.

You too can resize and invert textual content the same method as emojis. All it’s essential to do is simply add the textual content in a picture and resize it via pinch to zoom whereas panning it to rotate or invert.

14. Add music to your snap videos

Snapchat helps you to add your very personal music to your snap videos and it’s fairly simple. All it’s good to do is play the music you need in your video via a music player app in your smartphone. When the music is playing, simply go ahead and record a video on Snapchat. That’s it and once you play the video, the music will be a part of the video.

15. Delete your Snapchat account

In case you think uninstalling Snapchat out of your device will delete your account, you’re mistaken. So, if you’re severely seeking to delete your Snapchat account, you’ll have to do it manually via Snapchat’s website. Simply head over to https://support.snapchat.com/delete-account and log in along with your credentials and click on “Delete account”. Be certain although, as this can’t be undone.

16. Take a screenshot to capture the moment

Snapchats disappear like dust within the wind (outside of Snapchat servers at the least). However you’ll be able to all the time save a quick snapette of a moment by taking a screenshot in your phone. With an iPhone which means pressing the Home button and power button at the same time. On Android, you simply press volume down and the power button together.

The sender will get a notification once you do that, however you possibly can apparently side-step this effect by switching to quickly turn Airplane mode on – sneaky. Nevertheless, we do wonder what you are doing if you’re so determined to not have a Snapchatter know you are papping them. They despatched you the bloody thing in spite of everything.

17. Double-safe your Snapchat account

The concept of somebody hijacking your Snapchat is about as terrifying as somebody nicking your Fb account. Perhaps even worse given these in poor health-advised Snapchats from long ago are saved on a server someplace. To make your Snapchat safer you are going to wish to allow two-issue authentication, one thing that came on-board in mid-2015 after a safety breach got everybody scared. Quite right too.

Go to Settings, then tap on Login Verification. This allows you to enable security that will text a verification code to your mobile should somebody attempt to use your account on one other gadget. So in case your telephone instantly receives an unsolicited Snapchat code, something’s up. From this area in Settings you can even ‘neglect’ devices signed in to your account, which is important if you’re lending somebody your phone or tablet.

18. The best way to get a sweet profile GIF animation

Ever observed that some individuals have a neat little animated profile pic when their faces pop up? Making your own only takes a few seconds. From the main app screen, simply flick downwards to bring up the Profile display then tap the yellow ghost graphic. This will bring up a shutter button.

Tap that and a five-frame exposure will kick off. It’s kind of like a digital photograph sales space. You have just below a second between exposures, so if you wish to do one thing clever (the order of the day on Snapchat and Vine), you’d better be fast

19. Get All The GEOFILTERS

Geofilters are particular filters which might be obtainable based mostly in your location, they usually’re a good way to brag about your journey plans whereas your followers are stuck at home.

In case you fancy appearing well-travelled without having to leave the safety of your comfortable sofa nevertheless, you’ll be able to. Android users simply want to put in a location-spoofing app like Fake Location Spoofer, which tricks your phone into thinking it is anywhere you fancy it to be.

When you’ve altered your location, you may then go to Snapchat and enjoy your new filters, or contribute some of your own.

20. Save Snaps Without People Knowing

One among Snapchat’s defining features is its ability to tell individuals while you’ve taken a screenshot. You will get round this nevertheless by firing up a screen recording app – mobile or PC apps ought to each work – before opening up a new message. This allows you to save videos and pictures with out the sender being informed

21. Secret Colours

snapchat 2

Everybody already is aware of about the secret colors on Snapchat (if not, it is time to return to Snapschool), however not many learn about Snapchat’s transparent color option.

Android users get a special option to use any color in partial-opacity, making doodles translucent. Simply hold down the color bar, and drag it to the left slightly to reveal additional columns of color. Tap the center column to access all the colors in of their translucent kind, and you’re ready to rumble.

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Ready to check out these Snapchat methods?

These Snapchat tips do make the experience far more enjoyable than it already is. It’s comprehensible although, if in case you have missed out on these hidden options and methods in Snapchat, considering the app is packed to the brim with options. Well, now you already know the entire methods, so attempt them out and tell us what you think within the comments section below 😀


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