18 Fun and Creative Ideas for Your Next Instagram Story

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Are you looking to add some creativity to your Instagram stories? Here are 18 ideas to get you started, including countdowns to something, sharing customer testimonials, sneak peeks, quick tutorials, giveaways, shout-outs to other accounts, introducing team members, reposting user-generated content, sharing memes, jokes, and puns, polls and quizzes, motivational quotes, announcing podcasts or live streams, saying thank you to followers, creating collages, and starting challenges. With these ideas, you can make your Instagram profile stand out and engage with your followers in new and exciting ways.

Are you looking to switch up your Instagram Story routine? Do you want to add some pizzazz and creativity to what’s currently happening in social media? Whether you’re a budding influencer on Instagram or simply looking for fun ways to connect with your friends and followers, we’ve got 18 easy ideas for making engaging Instagram stories. From creating polls and quizzes to announcing podcasts and giveaways, these creative touches will make your profile stand out.

1. Countdown to Something

A countdown is a perfect Instagram story idea. They make the audience feel the rush, anticipation, and excitement when you announce the big thing. It can be a countdown to a new and exciting post, an upcoming event, or a countdown to a new product launch.

18 Fun and Creative Ideas for Your Next Instagram Story

Instagram countdown stickers allow you to set up a timer via IG stories. The users can then set up a reminder and get a notification once the countdown ends and the event starts. It’s a cool way to engage with the audience and promote new events on your Instagram page.

2. Share Customer Testimonials and Reviews

If you’re a business or a brand owner or offering a service, you know people are leaving their reviews about you just about anywhere. Google, Yelp, and social media are perfect places to search for customer testimonials and reviews. Once you find your favorite, take a screenshot and turn it into a creative and fun Instagram story.

18 Fun and Creative Ideas for Your Next Instagram Story

Periodically publish stories with different customer testimonials and reviews. Make your job easier and create a template you’ll use whenever you want to share a review. You can even introduce video testimonials into your Instagram stories.

3. Sneak Peek

Are you a creative person? Maybe you’re a crafter or a content creator. If you’re producing something, why not give your audience a sneak peek into your next project? Everyone likes feeling included, and you should hype your followers by making them a part of your creative process.

1677064541 186 18 Fun and Creative Ideas for Your Next Instagram Story

Sneak peeks are an awesome way of including your audience in your work. They’ll feel special because they’ll have an insight into what you’re doing next. It’s also a great way to raise your brand awareness.

4. Post a Quick Tutorial

Creating quick story tutorials is another way to add value for your audience. These tutorials must be catchy, with strong visuals to capture your follower’s attention. One-story graphics are the most effective. But keep it simple and helpful; your audience will reward your effort by sharing your quick tutorial.

1677064541 188 18 Fun and Creative Ideas for Your Next Instagram Story

These short tutorials are most engaging if you make them yourself. For example, record a short video to show your creative process or take and edit photos of you working on the next big product.

5. Announce a Giveaway

Giveaways are a fantastic way of increasing your reach. Your existing audience will share your brand with their followers and strengthen their loyalty.

1677064541 487 18 Fun and Creative Ideas for Your Next Instagram Story

When you host a giveaway, create a story to announce it. For example, make an in-feed post with all the details of how this particular giveaway works. But keep the promotional giveaway story short and to the point.

6. Shout Out to Another Instagram Account

When you find another creator on Instagram who inspires you, consider connecting with them. If you are an artist, find another artist with a similar style and promote them on your page. In turn, this particular artist might give a shout-out to you and extend your audience to his network.

1677064541 570 18 Fun and Creative Ideas for Your Next Instagram Story

Shout-outs are a friendly way to promote other Instagram users and expand your network. You can even contact the user directly and ask them for permission for the shout-out and possible collaboration.

7. Introduce Team Members

People love getting to know the team that’s behind your business account. Don’t hesitate to show them off. After all, your customers are huma, and want to meet the people on your team. Posting a story in which you showcase your team will create a “like and trust” factor when your audience interacts with your Instagram page.

1677064541 473 18 Fun and Creative Ideas for Your Next Instagram Story

You can introduce your new team members and showcase their personalities. Let them create a “day in our lives” content to introduce themselves. You can also explain what they bring to your team and why you value them. Then, present each team member or the whole team at once.

8. Repost User-Generated Content

You don’t have to make original, fun, and creative content to post as stories. Instead, you can repost user-generated content (UGC). For example, repost your follower’s stories using your product, wearing jewelry you made, or reacting to your latest post. Businesses do this all the time.

1677064542 745 18 Fun and Creative Ideas for Your Next Instagram Story

Not only does your audience work for you by creating stories using your products or services, but you get to showcase them and strengthen their loyalty to your brand.

9. Share a Meme, Joke, or Pun

Everyone loves a good laugh. Entertain your audience with a new joke you just came up with or a pun. Why not post a meme? It can also be a fun way to interact with your followers.

1677064542 507 18 Fun and Creative Ideas for Your Next Instagram Story

Humor is a great way to win the audience over. Memes are excellent for all generations since everybody can relate to this humor. Use it in your stories to lighten the mood. It’s also a great way of keeping your audience engaged even if there’s nothing new going on with you or you are out of creative ideas.

10. Share a Quiz, Poll, or Story Sticker

If you want to engage with your followers directly and have fun with them, you can organize a story quiz or a poll. This is a fun and light-hearted way to get to know your audience better or to let them know you. Just remember to add a question sticker to your next Instagram story.

1677064542 894 18 Fun and Creative Ideas for Your Next Instagram Story

Instagram has powerful story stickers designed for this type of audience engagement. You can ask them questions, host a poll, or use a quiz sticker. Then, add a photo or a video to make your quiz story even more fun and engaging, and post it.

11. Share a Motivational Quote

Inspiring quotes will always be a thing. They can quickly improve our days and help us go through difficult periods. There are millions of them out there, and they work. Just ensure the quote you’re posting suits your followers and your Instagram presence.

1677064542 324 18 Fun and Creative Ideas for Your Next Instagram Story

You can even use quotes from famous and inspirational people. Use their photos, and sign them. You never want to claim a quote as your own. Sooner or later, someone will see right through you. Remember that quotes don’t always need to be serious.

12. Announce a Podcast or a Live Stream

You can use Instagram stories to announce your latest Instagram live stream or podcast. Share your favorite podcast episodes or your own content if you have it.

1677064542 455 18 Fun and Creative Ideas for Your Next Instagram Story

Even if you’re not a content creator, blogger, or vlogger, you can showcase a podcast episode someone else created. However, if you run a business or a brand Instagram page, make sure that the podcast or the live stream you’re promoting is relevant to your business or the type of content you’re creating.

13. Say Thank You to Your Followers

Your Instagram followers are the driving force behind your page. They are your audience and the living, breathing people for whom you are making your content. So, occasionally, you should show them some love.

1677064542 498 18 Fun and Creative Ideas for Your Next Instagram Story

Create an Instagram story to thank your followers for being awesome and loyal to you and your brand. A simple thank you can go a long way. If one of your followers deserves a special mention, you can do an individual “thank you” story. Just tag them so everyone knows how vital an individual follower can be.

14. Share a Collage

Posting too many interactive IG stories with polls, quizzes, questions, and stickers can be a bit exhausting for your Instagram followers. Sometimes they just want to see something aesthetically pleasing. Once in a while, post a beautiful collage showcasing your products, or lifestyle.

1677064542 520 18 Fun and Creative Ideas for Your Next Instagram Story

Take a few interesting and fun pictures from your camera roll and set them up in a collage to draw your audience’s attention.

15. Start a Challenge

Challenges are spreading like wildfire all over the internet. You can be the next to start a viral challenge and use an Instagram story to promote it. Instagram stories are the perfect medium for challenges because it allows all kinds of short media, from videos to stills or even just text.

1677064542 980 18 Fun and Creative Ideas for Your Next Instagram Story

Starting a viral challenge takes work, especially with TikTok taking over the challenges trend. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, and it’s certainly worth the effort. Even participating in an existing challenge can generate more views on your Instagram page.

16. Promote a New Post

It’s a growing trend among users to skip viewing Instagram posts and scroll through stories. If you notice your IG stories are getting more views and likes than the posts or Instagram reels on your Instagram feed, you can try using the stories to promote new content.

1677064542 375 18 Fun and Creative Ideas for Your Next Instagram Story

This way, you’ll make sure your content reaches the audience. Add attractive stickers to make the new post (or reel) promotion more engaging. Luckily, Instagram made lots of “New Post” stickers available.

17. Use Emoji Sliders to Collect Feedback

If you’re a content creator or you run a small business Instagram page, you’re already aware of how important it is to gather followers’ feedback. It’ll help you learn how engaging your posts are and how your audience reacts to your products.

1677064542 940 18 Fun and Creative Ideas for Your Next Instagram Story

Use emoji slider stickers to ask your followers for an opinion. Besides promoting your newest product or an event, emoji sliders can build a stronger relationship with your followers.

18. Participate in a Story trend

Is there an Instagram trend that you think could relate to you or your business? Why not jump in? It can be a trending hashtag you’ll use in your next Instagram story or a challenge. Joining trends on Instagram is a great way of staying relevant and building relationships with your followers.

1677064542 23 18 Fun and Creative Ideas for Your Next Instagram Story

Use an “Add Yours” sticker to inspire others to join the trend. It’s a kind of call-to-action sticker and others will have a hard time resisting joining the trend. Don’t forget to include a relevant hashtag or a prompt such as #Mypet or “share a photo of your pet.”

From relatable memes to behind-the-scenes moments, there are plenty of creative ways to make your Instagram Story stand out and keep your followers engaged. A great way to find more Instagram story ideas is by looking at the stories posted by other brands and creators and exploring the wide variety of tools that Instagram provides. Whenever you create a new story, check that it adds value to your page and offers something unique for your audience.


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