4 Apps That can Help you Save Space on Your Android Phone

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android (1)If you are a phone addict who fiddles with your device all day, you need to download an app that can clean your phone as well as save space as there are some unwanted residues that are left on your system especially after surfing the internet for long hours.

These residues take space and also hinder the speed of your phone. Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal rolls out 4 apps will clean trash, boost the speed of your phone as well as empty cache space.

clean master

Clean Master

This is a very reliable space saver app that can boost the performance of your phone, clean junk files, and guard against virus. In addition, clean master can delete residual files thus making space available on the phone.


FreeSpace is attractive to many android users because it is a sizeable app to download. On this platform, you can list the application you want to monitor with the app. You can do this for applications that you use often. This will ensure that only active apps are monitored rather than all the apps on your phone.

Disk Usage and Storage Analyser

This is an app that monitors apps running at the background checking and alerting when the data usage is excessive, delete caches as well as analyse internal and external memory thereby removing any irrelevant files.

App Cache Cleaner

This is another app for memory management. The app gets rid of cache, trash and also boost your phone if it has a low memory. The app is simple to use.

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