4 Cool Tech Gadgets for your Car

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The automobile industry has been revolutionized by technology. Current cars can park themselves, report on driving performance, offer directions and read out text messages.

This is only possible with modern cars. However, if you drive an older car,  you can still make your car smarter. Jovago.com, Africa’s number 1  hotel booking portal roll selected ways to bring your car up-to-date with technology.

Voice-control navigation

Finding your way around while driving has been easy with Global Positioning System (GPS). You simply hook your GPS smartphone on the dashboard of your car. Sat nav is one of the best voice control navigation out there.

Voice Navigation device
Voice Navigation device

Bluetooth Hands-free calling 

Receiving calls and driving at the same time is very risky. To stop you from engaging in this habit, you should buy a Bluetooth Hands-free device for your older car. The audio quality is awesome.

Bluetooth device
Bluetooth device

WiFi with Vinli

You can easily turn your car into hotspots with Vinli. This enables your friends and colleagues access the internet through this hotspot. The device also allows you track your car remotely but remember, you must subscribe for data.

Wifi tool
Wifi tool


Automatic is a small car adapter which you plug into the onboard diagnostics port of your vehicle to get all kinds of information about your vehicle. This adaptor provides details about engine problems, reminds you of where you parked, show your driving history, and can also call for help in case of an accident.

Automatic tool
Automatic tool


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