4 Ways to Transfer Files From PC to PC

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pc to pc fileIn the past, a floppy disc was relied on to transfer files from one personal computer to another. It was time -consuming and sluggish especially when moving large files like videos, music, pictures, applications and documents.Today, it is no longer relevant. In fact, space for the disc has been expunged. Other storage devices are now trending. They are swift and reliable ways to transfer files to any device. Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal identifies 5 easy ways to share your files without losing them.

USB Flash Drive

Flash drive is a portable way to exchange files. They come in various sizes-4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB respectively and can also be used for backup. The limitation is that it can be infected by a virus. So, ensure that your computer has an antivirus.

EasyTransfer Cable

This is the sharing files between two Windows computers. It involves using two male USB cable. Both sides of the cable are installed in the computers and all the files will automatically appear in the systems.

Hard Disk Drive

The Hard Disc Drive has as much as 500 GB of space in it. Thus, making it the best option for sharing files as it is safe and secure. You can get a hard disk from a store in Lagos.

Through a Local Area Network (LAN)

Sharing files over a network is possible when it is connected to LAN. It is plain sailing. However, the speed of your network will determine how fast or slow the documents, videos, music and other data will be transferred. Nevertheless, it is a dependable means of transferring files.

In windows, search for my computer, click on properties and click on ‘Share Network’ on the drop down menu to send the files.


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