5 items you didn’t know you could buy online in Nigeria

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online-shoppingThe upsurge in internet penetration has led to a massive influx of online businesses in Nigeria.  As a result, many shoppers in Lagos rely heavily on different cyber platforms to do their shopping. Remarkably, shoppers can purchase so many things online at the flick of their fingers on their desktop or mobile phones.

This online adventure is not restricted to shopping alone, you can also book things on the internet which will be delivered to you at your convenience. An added advantage is that you will receive discounted prices on purchases, especially during this festive season.


Some bargain hunters are not entirely aware of the things they can buy online aside from fashion items, electronic and mobile phones. For this reason, Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares a few tricks to the trade.


Many malls and markets are probably already filled with people engaged in last minute shopping. As for you, there is no need to go through this stress because you can order almost everything you need via the internet. Foodstuffs like tomatoes, pepper, onions, grains, tubers, chicken, and meat amongst others can be simply bought online. These foodstuffs are oftentimes properly refrigerated and well preserved.

Vegetables and Fruits

If you fancy fresh vegetables and fruits, the way to go is to revert to purchasing your vegetables-ugwu, waterleaf, bitter leaf and fruits through websites that offer this service. These stores usually have a fixed amount you must purchase before they will process your transactions, but it’s a much more convenient platform than open markets any day.

Buy a car

Purchasing a car online is a no-go area for some people because of the humongous sum involved. However, with the advantage of paying on delivery, you can take the bold step of buying either a fairly used or brand new car. Note that in your quest to buy a car online, do not forget to thoroughly scrutinize the website before making any purchase.

Household Items

What some offline malls do today is to own a website on which customers can buy their products. These websites are oftentimes targeted at online customers. Furniture, air conditioners, cooking utensils, cabinets, bookcases, dressers, wardrobes, and baby items are among the household items you can buy.

Rent a house

The problem of house agents fleecing unsuspecting house hunters have been sliced with the emergence of largely reliable platforms where you can rent a house. The positive here is that the website will thoroughly assist you in your house-hunting. If interested, you can then pay the agreed sum.

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