5 Reasons why you should backup your Data

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modern blue computer mouse is connected to the blue word BACKUP
modern blue computer mouse is connected to the blue word BACKUP

Your documents are very important for your job. It will, be a huge let-down if vital data is compromised or lost due to an accident. This is one of the weary sides of technology especially if you are an online junky.

Notwithstanding, to prevent this unnecessary stress, Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares 5 reasons why you should backup your data.


Power Failures

In a region where the power situation is not very stable, there is the possibility that you may lose your data if a power surge or interruption occurs. Embracing the habit of backing up your data will help remove any issues related with power seizures.

Hardware Failure

Despite the advancement in technology and efforts geared towards reinforcing computer and phone hardware, they are still susceptible failure. Do not rely so much on your hardware, it could crash anytime. If you have an external hard disk, you can use it to backup your files. Alternatively, you can backup your files using Microsoft OneDrive.

Recovery Times

If you did not backup your data as at when due, it will may be a long process before you recover the lost data, i.e. if you are even lucky to get it back. Rather than spending so much time in recovering data, you can use it for doing other important things, especially during this Christmas frenzy.

Data Is Currency

The document you are working on may be due for submission or may have cost implications if it is lost. The result of this loss will be a bitter pill to swallow. Not only will you be losing cash but you will miss a valuable deadline. So, as you are working on whatever document, do not forget to backup your data.

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