5 reasons why you should create a biz app

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4-apps-your-small-business-cant-survive-withoutDeveloping an application for your business is not compulsory but in today’s technology saturated world, it is advisable to have one. Why? Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares 5 reasons why you should create an application for your business.

It’s a Mobile world!

The use of mobile phones, especially the smartphone, is rising significantly across the world. According to data from statista.com, as 2013, there are 1.31 billion smartphone users around the world while the number is projected to rise to 2.56 billion users in 2018. So, to reach a share of these smartphone users, it is best to create a free app for your business that compatible with any smartphone operating system like the iPhone Operating system, Windows, and android.


It is convenient

If you sell your products online, then developing an application will be an excellent idea. Rather than customers using the desktop version of your website which customers may not always have access to, they can easily get your services through an app which is convenient, easy and simple to use.

Gives you competitive edge

The mobile app makes a business stand out from other competitors.  It reveals that the business is keeping taps with trends and developments in the tech world. One of the best innovation is the capability to develop mobile apps for business.

Target younger buyers

The majority of persons that use smartphones belong to the young cadre. With an organization owning an app, these young tech savvy geek can easily download it and perform whatever transactions they so desire. Hence, to reach out to them, a business must develop an app.

Increased turnover

The mobile application will no doubt lead to an increase in turnover. This is because customers find it easy and simple to use. The consequences of the app is that it will boost turnover and revenue.

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