5 Stealth Ways To Track Phone Without Them Knowing On Android

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5 Stealth Ways To Track Phone Without Them Knowing On Android – Phone tracking is something that we need to do from time to time to ensure the safety of our loved ones. This is particularly the case with kids, who can fall into bad hands pretty quickly when they’re out of sight from us.

This is why it’s imperative that we use the tools at our disposal to keep them safe in any way possible.

Phone tracking is possible thanks to a handful of apps today, and doesn’t require an elaborate process. This means all you need is an app installed on their phone to track their whereabouts at any given time.

Be advised that tracking an adult’s phone without their prior consent is punishable by law, so it’s crucial that you get the person’s content before tracking their device. With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the best ways to track phone without them knowing.

5 Ways To Track Phone Without Them Knowing

Phone Tracker

This app is unlike any other family tracking app as it can locate a phone using its phone number. To track your family, you will need this to be installed on their phone.

Once this is done, you can request for a location, and even catch up with your friends if they’re nearby. All the details and locations are shown on a detailed map, so you will have a very good idea of where exactly they are.

It also uses GPS tracking, which is used in tandem with conventional cellphone tracking to conserve battery on your smartphone.

The best part is, the app lets you track the device even if the SIM card is removed from the phone. Since there’s no limit to the number of people you can track, you can add as many people as you want to your tracking list.

To alert you of the safety of the people you’re tracking, the app will automatically send out notifications when a contact moves from one place to another.

The app is completely free to download, but comes with ads. There are no hidden premium features here with an in-app purchase, though, so you can download the app knowing fully well that what you see is what you’re getting. Phone Tracker works with any device running Android 4.0 and up.

Family Locator

This is yet another real-time location sharing app that has a social aspect attached to it. You build what is known here as circles, and these can be your friends or family members. Once you have people in your circle, you will have immediate access to their location and alerts when they leave or arrive at their location.

You will also get a detailed map view showing the location of all the members of your circle, The best part with this app is that there is an iPhone version as well, allowing cross platform use.

The app needs internet connection for most of its features to work, however, which is slightly disappointing.

The built-in driver support feature alerts emergency services when you’ve been in an accident or need roadside assistance (AAA). The app is free to download, but you might need to pay in order to get all the features. There are no ads on board.

Family Locator will work on your device as long as it’s running Android 4.4 and up.

Letstrack Realtime GPS Tracker

This app lets you track your friends and family in real-time while also letting you message them (within the app), which can be handy when they’re in trouble. The chat feature also comes with the ability to send pictures, which can be extremely helpful in certain situations.

Developers talk very highly of this messaging feature, which makes it distinguish itself from a bunch of other live tracking apps that are available on the Play Store.

A handy feature called RadarView allows you to know if someone in your neighborhood is using Letstrack. All tracking here requires prior permission from the user. This app has a web version as well, which can be handy in the event of phone theft or loss.

The app also allows users to send a picture and their location with just a few taps. Letstrack Realtime GPS Tracker is a free download on the Google Play Store and lacks ads or in-app purchases.

Family GPS tracker KidsControl

This app takes tracking to the next level by letting you assign places like home, school, office etc. This way, the signed up user will be notified whenever their loved one leaves their home or school, letting you breathe a sigh of relief.

The app automatically alerts you when the other person’s battery is low, thus letting you act quickly. There’s a built-in SOS button that will trigger an emergency response immediately.

If you’re willing to pay for the Premium version, you will also get access to a “Blackbox” which saves all the geolocation data when your device is offline. This is also a cross-platform app, allowing you to connect with non-Android users as well. You can set the frequency of the notifications here, so you’re always in control. This app is free to download and comes with ads as well as in-app purchases.


Formerly known as “Alpify”, Safe365 is a handy GPS tracking app that can tell you where your friends or family are located in real-time. Although the app was initially used to track lost mountaineers, the company has since pivoted to family tracking.

This is a comprehensive solution with all the features you would expect. This includes information on the battery life of your family’s phone, their mobility (walking, running, cycling etc), and the type of internet connection they have at any given time. These metrics can be incredibly helpful in tough situations.

The app has a ton of other features and is definitely worth checking out. As far as family tracking apps go, this is among the best. The best part here is that Safe365 is a free download and has no ads or in-app purchases.


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