7 Best ChatGPT Mobile App Alternatives for Android

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ChatGPT Mobile App Alternatives

ChatGPT is the AI chatbot that skyrocketed the development of AI tools. When it was introduced for the first time, it impressed the masses. After receiving many demands and praises, the company behind ChatGPT, OpenAI, launched the premium version of the AI chatbot called ChatGPT Plus.

While the ChatGPT Plus subscription is fully optional, it provides access to useful features like the Plugins and the latest ChatGPT-4 Model. If you have already used ChatGPT Plus and liked how it functions, you may also be interested in exploring other options.

ChatGPT Mobile App Alternatives for Android

In this specific article, we will discuss the best ChatGPT Mobile app alternatives. These apps are available on the Google Play Store and can be used to automate tasks, create content, find solutions, answer your questions, and more. Let’s check out the best ChatGPT Alternatives for Android.

1. Bing AI Chat

Bing AI ChatBing AI Chat

Microsoft Bing AI is superior to the ChatGPT Mobile app. This is because the Bing AI Chat is powered by the GPT-4 model, which you can use only on the ChatGPT Plus version.

So, with Bing AI chat, you will be able to use the search engine powered by GPT-4. What makes Bing AI Chat different is that it can access its search engine to provide you with up-to-date information.

Apart from these things, you can use Bing AI chat to write an essay, prepare for a job interview, summarize content, etc.

Bing AI Chat app can even create an AI image for you with its DALL-E Model. You just need to input the text prompt, and the AI chatbot will generate an image within seconds.

The only drawback of Bing AI Chat is its user interface, which is a bit of a mess. The entire interface is bloated with unnecessary visual elements, making the AI chatbot difficult to use.

2. Imagine


Imagine is slightly different from the official ChatGPT Mobile app because it only focuses on generating AI art. This AI tool can transform your words & images into AI art.

To start with Imagine, you need to enter the text prompt, pick an art style, and lead the AI art to generate beautiful artwork for you.

It can create beautiful drawings, images, paintings, and digital artworks for you within seconds. Apart from generating AI art on mobile, it also offers a few unique AI filters that you can use to give your images a cartoon-like look.

AI Headshots is another key feature of the app that lets you reinvent your images and transform them into something unique.

Some other key features of Imagine include adding/removing elements with the help of AI, turning photos into AI artwork, batch upscaling of photos, and more.

3. ChatOn


ChatOn is an ultimate AI chat companion app for Android powered by the same GPT-4 model. This chatbot runs on ChatGPT’s API, so you can expect similar responses.

You can use ChatOn the way you’ve used ChatGPT on your mobile; it can be your writing assistant, summarize your PDF files, summarize YouTube videos, correct grammar & spelling, etc.

ChatOn also provides an image to text converter, Pro AI rewriter, social media post creator, text summarizer, and more.

While ChatOn has all the features you will ever need, you need to make some in-app purchases to unlock its full potential. If you don’t want to pay anything, the Bing AI chat app could be the best pick.

4. Chatsonic


Chatsonic is an AI writing assistant app for Android powered by GPT 3.5 and GPT-4, offering better features than its counterpart.

Unlike other AI chatbots, Chatsonic is only limited to text outputs; it can provide you with up-to-date and useful information on current topics by integrating Google Search results.

This is what makes Chatsonic better than its counterpart, ChatGPT. Like the ChatGPT Mobile app, Chatsonic can also listen to and respond to your voice inputs.

While all of Chatsonic’s features are great and supposed to help writers, some of its content is locked behind a paywall. To unlock all its features and to use the chatbot at its full potential, you need to make in-app purchases.

5. ​​Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft CopilotMicrosoft Copilot

A few months ago, Microsoft rolled out its dedicated GPT-based AI chatbot, Copilot. Microsoft’s Coplot is an AI assistant that aims to solve simple tasks, provide text-based outputs, and generate images.

Like the official ChatGPT application for Android and iPhone, Microsoft Copilot can also help with simple tasks like creating images, summarizing large texts, and writing emails.

What makes Microsoft Copilot better than ChatGPT is that it uses the latest OpenAI models, GPT-4 and DALL-E 3. It could be a great app to have on Android if you want to utilize AI to draft emails, summarize texts, create personalized texts, composing stories & scripts, etc.

The image creator of Microsoft Copilot also needs a special mention because it can come up with awesome logo designs, develop brand motifs, create custom backgrounds for your projects, create illustrations, etc.

6. AI Chatbot – Nova

AI Chatbot - NovaAI Chatbot - Nova

Like every other AI chatbots on the list, AI Chatbot – Nova also uses the GPT-4 and PaLM 2 to understand your questions and generate human like responses.

What we like the most about Nova AI Chatbot is that unlike ChatGPT, which is slow in responding, it’s super fast and answers your questions within seconds.

The AI Chatbot also got multi-language support with over 140 different languages. Nova AI Chatbot can even generate AI images by utilizing the DALL E Model; to generate images, provide a text prompt.

However, to access all features of AI Chatbot – Nova, you need to subscribe to a plan. The subscription grants you unlimited access to the AI features.

7. Chatbot AI – Genie

Chatbot AI - GenieChatbot AI - Genie

Chatbot AI – Genie is a top-rated AI-powered chatbot available on the Google Play Store for Android phones. The AI Chatbot is powered by GPT-4 and GPT-3, which means you will get a similar response to the one you get from the ChatGPT app.

Since it’s powered by the same AI models that power ChatGPT, it can answer your queries. Also, the answers that it provides are highly accurate and insightful.

The thing that makes Chatbot AI – Genie superior to ChatGPT is its ability to interpret and understand images. Yes, you read that right. The AI chatbot’s image recognition features can identify elements from photos in a few seconds.

Apart from these things, Chatbot AI – Genie also supports adding PDFs and Weblinks. This allows you to summarize PDFs and web links.

However, like all AI chatbots, Chatbot AI—Genie isn’t fully free. To unlock all its features and use it at its full potential, you need to make some in-app purchases.

These are some of the best ChatGPT app alternatives for Android smartphones. If you’re a fan of AI chatbots, you should give these alternatives a try. Let us know which one is your favorite AI chatbot on mobile. Also, if you want to suggest any other Android AI chatbots, let us know in the comments below.


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