7 Cute Instagram Caption Generator On Android & iOS Devices

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7 Cute Instagram Caption Generator On Android & iOS Devices – Hey! Amazing picture! The caption is so hilarious!” and “Wow, the caption is so savage!” are the sort of comments we would love to read on our posts on Instagram!

Have you ever been confused about whether to go ahead with a savage caption or something extremely sassy? Have you constantly begged your friends to give you the cool captions that they employ? It is time to say goodbye to those struggles with this list of the latest and top Instagram Caption Generator!

Before that, take a look at some of the most creative Instagram bio ideas curated a few days back by us.

Best Instagram Caption Generator

Do these Instagram Caption Generator work for both Android and iOS? Shoo the worries away! Yes, we have unearthed Instagram Caption Generators both for Android and iOS! Waste no time in scrolling through the various caption Gods who will synthesize and attract more eyes to your Instagram!

What is Instagram Caption Generator?

Instagram Caption Generators are viable resources and software used to generate or find captions to associate with your posts/stories based on the content you seek. Importantly, they are openly available to download or to use, making them a practical asset.

If it is a sunset you experienced or a selfie you took in the morning that you wanted to post, these tools will come in handy with the perfect words! A collection of applications available on your App Stores are given in this article, so head below for a comprehensive set of ways to find your best Instagram caption!

The Top Instagram Caption Generator for Android & iOS

1. Capshun

Capshun is a prolific Instagram Caption Generator application that has an astounding number of positive reviews and stands at 4.8 and 4.9 ratings on Android and iOS respectively. It has a good number of captions with a mix of quotes, puns, and hilarious one-liners.

You can instantly paste the generated caption on the picture and then share it on your social media. All-in-all, it is the tool you need to entice your Instagram followers!

Download Now: – Android | iOS

2. AutoCaptions

AutoCaptions is an Instagram Caption Generator that even works with hashtags. Employing ‘state-of-the-art’ AI tools and mechanism, AutoCaptions generates the best captions which are appropriate and related to the picture you wish to upload.

It has accumulated a lot of optimistic reviews from its users and has the following ratings: 4.1 on Android and 4.6 on iOS. It is certainly going to fuel your Instagram ascension!

Download Now: – Android | iOS

3. Issa Caption

This application is prevalent in the top tier of Instagram Caption Generators! It works on a Machine Learning and inference engine that yields only the most hype captions you can associate your posts and stories with.

You can utilize Issa Caption for caption generation by simply uploading the picture you wanted a caption for. The engine will give out only the most relevant and wittiest of captions, making this one of a kind in Instagram Caption Generator applications! “Issa whole new vibe” with Issa Caption!

Download Now: – Android | iOS

4. Caption

Instead of cutting, copying, and posting, the Caption app follows the philosophy of picking the best, copying, and posting. With a rating of 4.6, it is one of the highly rated Instagram Caption Repository that serves the needs of an Instagram Caption Generator to its finest!

It is free to download and contains an ocean of captions — large and small in length, and at your choosing. What more do you see in an ideal Instagram Caption Generator?

5. CaptionPlus

CaptionPlus is a well-known tool by NinjaBots. With the help of  Instagram captions and by which, create a buzz around your hive (feed)! Its long app description with keywords is only to stay relevant in 2019 with a lot of its competitors on the rise.

It possesses a 4.7 rating with a ton of promising reviews, altogether adding to the broad genre of Instagram captions! To more quotes and laudable phrases on Instagram!

Download CaptionPlus from here.

6. ImageQuote

ImageQuote is a popular iOS application which has maintained a 4.7 rating on the App Store! With its tremendous features to customize your content and paste it on Instagram, it has served all the user needs for an Instagram Caption Generator!

The UI on ImageQuote along with its immediate back end support makes it stand out from the rest of the Instagram Caption Generators. You can make your own theme with this application using the ‘Custom Background’ feature that portrays scenarios and ups your Instagram game all the way!

Download ImageQuote now.

7. Caption Expert

Choosing the best fit for a picture is a tedious task and matching content with it is a Herculean task! But, with the assistance of Caption Expert, the only way is up for your social media game!

Caption Expert is a proficient Instagram Caption Generator that is undoubtedly an expert in the subject of Instagram captions. Funny, witty, punny, nerdy, romantic, sad, happy, thankful, or you name it, and they have got different content for them all!

The bonus is that you can contribute with your own captions as well, which is used by more people as you receive more upvotes! The application is free, but payment will renew every month. However, it is definitely worth the expense for its wide range of captions that makes it to the Best Instagram Caption Generators!

Download Caption Expert for iOS


Be it a simple picture with your family or a complicated post about your beloved, we know the ordeal of writing captions on our own, and even if we do, we still want the best ones to be featured. Instagram captions reflect your style, personality, and way of thinking, so it always has to be the ultimate choice!

While certain pictures can speak a million words, a quality Instagram caption can speak a trillion! And hence, it is essential that your guts speak the truth and only the truth on your bold and impressive Instagram captions! Hope this article has helped you find the application you need to generate captions for your Instagram posts and uploads! To more content!


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