7 Instagram IGTV Tips For Successful Videos That Still Work In 2020

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After YouTube, it is safe to say that Instagram’s IGTV is the most popular video platform. Even though IGTV is the newest kid on the block, it has fast become a favourite of the video marketeers and the Instagram users. 

Everyone on IGTV would love to have more likes, comments, and views. Becoming an IGTV influencer is a really cool thing, and maybe, one of your goals.

If you are on IGTV or are planning to start posting videos on the platform, then this article is for you. We give you some easy-to-follow tips to create better, engaging videos.

Pro tip: To create the best kind of videos, use an Instagram video creator like VideoCreek. It helps you set the best aspect ratio to optimize user experience, among many other things.

#1 – Shoot Vertical Videos

While horizontal videos might be a YouTube thing, IGTV is well-suited for vertical videos. You may painstakingly edit an IGTV video that is shot horizontally, but when you upload it, it might get cut from the sides. 

If you have already shot your video horizontally, then try to crop the video vertically and then start editing it. This way, you will be able to create better videos. 

This tip is no secret, but even in 2020, we see so many videos uploaded horizontally on IGTV. If you are going live, make sure your phone is in a vertical position.

#2 – Keep It Short

Nobody in the 21st century has the time to view long videos. Keep your videos under 5 minutes and never go beyond 10 minutes if you don’t want your viewers to stop watching.

Unless a video is exceptionally entertaining, the viewers won’t watch until the end. And usually, it is at the end when you request them to like or comment – your call-to-action will go waste.

#3 – Omnichannel Sharing

Even if you post your videos just on Instagram’s IGTV, promote the link everywhere you can. Cross-channel promotions will work wonders for your IGTV platform. 

Also, omnichannel sharing is an important tip. Share the link everywhere you can. You can also make a teaser and then direct users to IGTV to watch the full video.

#4 – Strike a Chord

The content of your video should be able to move people in some way. Either it should make them question themselves or make them feel something that they weren’t feeling before like joy, curiosity, anger, happiness, etc.

Majorly, there are three goals that a video should aim to achieve. It should either educate, inform, or entertain. Make videos that your target audience can relate to. You can check your data insights to know more about your audience.

#5 – Make Your Brand a Part of the Video

Whether it is through a logo or subtle mentions in the voiceover, branding is important. Right from the beginning, brand your video. Is there a website or any other contact details you want to share? Write it down and flash it in one corner of your video.

You can also think of innovative ways of branding your video. For example, you can place your logo on a photo frame that looks like it is hung on the wall behind you. Get as creative as you can to stand out in the digital clutter.

#6 – Use an Intelligent But Simple Video Editor

Editing your videos allows you to produce high-quality content. A video editing software or app that is powered with the latest technology will make the editing process a breeze.

You can add music, captions, sound effects, transitions, and more. It’s a great way to beautify your videos on your own. This is also a chance for you to show your creativity.

#7 – Be Relevant

In life, we have always stressed the importance of being in sync with the times. The same goes for videos. Be relevant. Pick up the latest trends and talk about those. 

When something is trending on social media, it means that people are interested in knowing more about that topic. You can create a video about it. You can also bend a trend and come up with something unique.

For example, if US Presidential Elections are trending, you can make a video on something like, “What if these five superheroes were US Presidents?”

Bonus – It is a good idea to shoot in different locations. If your videos get monotonous, the viewer count may drop. You can experiment with different backgrounds.

You can also promote your videos by running paid ads. Watch an Instagram ads tutorial to find out how you can promote your IGTV videos to reach more people. Paid ads are a great way to expand your user base.

Through targeted advertising, the right budget, and a little bit of monitoring, you can launch a great IGTV campaign.

IGTV Demystified

We hope our tips for creating better IGTV videos helped. Why don’t you try using one of these tips and see who makes your videos better? Using a video maker or a video editor is recommended because they offer templates. 

Video editors allow you to create professional-looking videos, without having the technical know-how. It is also incredibly quick. The next time you create a video, follow all of these tips, and see the difference!

Also, remember that what works on YouTube may not necessarily work on IGTV. With practice and some experimentation, you’ll know what your audience wants. Be consistent in posting videos.


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