8 Best Free RPG Games on Steam

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RPGs are a popular genre of video games that can be quite addictive. There are many types of RPGs available, and Steam has a huge selection of free games that players can download and start playing immediately. Popular titles include Guild Wars 2, Path of Exile, Torchlight: Infinite, Spiral Knights, Neverwinter, Wakfu, Soda Dungeon, and Grimm’s Hollow. These games offer unique and captivating gameplay, along with hours of content and adventures to explore, without spending any money.

RPG, or role-playing games, encompass a wide range of gameplay styles. If you’re a fan of these types of games, you likely have a good understanding of how addictive they can be. There are many different types of RPGs out there, too, so you can almost always find one to play that will be enjoyable to you. If you’re trying to find a new game to dive into, but don’t want to dole out any cash to do so, there are alternatives.

Steam, one of the most popular PC gaming clients, has a huge variety of RPG games available on their store. In fact, you can even find plenty of free RPGs that you can download and start playing in the blink of an eye, without reaching for your credit card. In this list we’ve compiled all of the best free RPGs you can find on Steam that you can get started playing right now.

Guild Wars 2 is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) action RPG set in an open-world fantasy environment. You can choose from many different professions and races to create your unique character. From there, you can follow the storyline as you see fit. In fact, the story is somewhat dependent on the choices you make, a unique feature for a multiplayer game to include.

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Guild Wars 2 also has engaging combat, relying on a skill-based format which is determined by your chosen race and profession. The game also has PvP available to test your skills against other players. The best part is that the game is free, with no subscription needed to fully enjoy the game.

If you’re a fan of dark fantasy games such as Diablo, Path of Exile is an amazing free RPG to get into. You can play as one of seven different classes, such as a Ranger, Witch, Duelist, and more. Your character is one of many exiles sent to the land of Wraeclast, and throughout the game you journey throughout this area and do your best to survive.

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Path of Exile includes lots of action, so you’re unlikely to get bored of playing this game. As you play through the game your character can learn countless skills to help you across your journey. This is a great free game that you can sink plenty of hours into and always have more to explore.

This game is the next installment after the original Torchlight game, with very similar gameplay style and mechanics. Torchlight: Infinite is a hack-and-slash RPG game where you can choose from multiple classes and gain skills to use as you battle. The game is designed to be fast-paced without any cooldown times on moves, so if you like action this game would be perfect for you.

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The game is also great for casual RPG players as it keeps things light and simple. Still, Torchlight: Infinite provides an expansive amount of gameplay and captivating battles.

In Spiral Knights, you play in a sci-fi alien world where you must traverse throughout the Clockworks. After finishing each level, you’ll journey deeper into the Clockworks as you attempt to reach the Core. Throughout the game you can gather items, weapons and gear to assist you through your journey.

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Spiral Knights is also a cooperative game, so you can get your friends to help you through the Clockworks levels. The art style is extremely charming and the gameplay is fun and fast-paced. The entire game can be fully played without any subscription or payment needed.

Neverwinter is an MMORPG based on the world of Dungeons & Dragons. You can choose to play as one of eight classes, all from D&D. The story follows players as they attempt to fight against the enemies invading the land of Neverwinter. Besides this main storyline, there’s also the option to play in user-created worlds and to create one of your own.

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Neverwinter also has a large player base, so if you feel more inclined to play with others you can do that, too. There’s plenty of content within this game as well, so you’ll always have something to do.

This is a turn-based MMORPG, so if you like games that require more strategy, you may enjoy Wakfu. You can choose from 18 classes to play as, and the world is filled with plenty of dungeons and tasks for you to accomplish. Along with a unique, charming visual art style, this is a fun one-of-a-kind game.

8 Best Free RPG Games on Steam

Wakfu also includes tons of creativity, as you can make an impact on the in-game world as you play within it. There are politics you can involve yourself in, and players can either destroy or help foster the growth of the environment around them. Overall there’s plenty of interesting activities to do in this game and best of all, it’s free.

Soda Dungeon was originally a mobile game, but now it has been brought to PC. You control a party of adventurers as they explore dungeons and defeat unique enemies. Doing this can allow you to upgrade your tavern and sell more types of soda, and attract new classes to add to your party.

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Besides the great 2D, pixel graphics, Soda Dungeon also delivers solid dungeon-crawling gameplay and fun turn-based action. If you find you enjoy playing this game, there’s also a sequel, Soda Dungeon 2, which is also completely free to play.

Grimm’s Hollow is an adorable yet spooky 2D RPG adventure game, where you play as character Lavender as she searches for her brother in the afterlife. The pixel graphics are very well-done, as is the story, which includes multiple different endings. Throughout the game you traverse through caves and defeat ghosts on your quest to find your brother.

1676457997 334 8 Best Free RPG Games on Steam

Although this is a relatively shorter game, it’s high quality and the perfect little RPG to play when you need a break from more intense games.

Play a New Game for Free With These RPGs

No matter what kind of adventure you’re looking for, you don’t have to spend any cash to get it. There are plenty of wonderful, content-rich RPGs available for free on Steam, so you can download them to play on your PC whenever you want.

Are there any free RPGs we missed? Let us know below.


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