8 Best SolidTorrents Alternatives in 2024 (Torrent Search Engines)

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SolidTorrents Alternatives

When KickAss Torrent was shut down, many new torrent search engines popped up. These days, torrent search engines and sites come and go; they’re only active for a few hours or days.

The one torrent search engine that managed to leave its mark on the torrent world is SolidTorrents, but it has also been shut down. Soon after the shutdown, it came back with a new domail TLD, but the comeback was now smooth as it was banned in many regions.

If you used to be a SolidTorrent visitor but can’t access it right now, it may be banned in your country. So, what’s the option to access SolidTorrent content? You can try SolidTorrent alternatives or mirror websites.

There are quite a few awesome SolidTorrents alternatives active on the web; such sites serve as full-fledged torrent search engines. If you aren’t a fan of any other torrent sites, you can use SolitTorrent Proxy or Mirror websites.

Best SolidTorrent Alternatives – Active Torrent Search Engine Sites

SolidTorrent used to be different from other regular torrent sites; it’s a search engine that shows torrents from different websites.

But, since Torrent search engines are hard to find these days, you have limited choices. Below, are the best SolidTorrent Alternatives that are active now.

1. Bitsearch


When things comes down to the best SolidTorrent Alternatives, Bitsearch comes first in our mind. It’s a torrent search engine that maintains a massive index of torrents.

From the user interface to the features, the site is nearly perfect. There are fewer annoying ads, and it is quite fast.

With Bitsearch, you get all the common search/filters of normal torrent search websites; search autocomplete, IMDB-based media library, and more.

Bitsearch also has a dedicated section for ‘Watch Online’ that only allows you to watch Anime content. Overall, Bitsearch is a great SolidTorrent alternative you can consider.

2. qBittorrent


qBittorrent is a torrent client, but did you know it also has a built-in Torrent search engine? Many users don’t know about this hidden feature.

So, qBittorrent is the ultimate solution for searching and downloading torrent files from the internet.

Regarding features, qBittorrent has all the basic features that other torrent clients, such as BitTorrent and Vuze, have.

qBittorrent supports many Bittorrent extensions like Magnet Links, HDT, PEX protocol, LSD, and more.

3. MagnetDL


MagnetDL is an underrated torrent search engine on the list that gained a bit of popularity after the demise of BTDIG, a very popular torrent search engine site.

This one has the cleanest user interface. Though it looks a bit old-school, it’s extremely easy to navigate.

The site shows few ads and only torrent content whose magnet links are available. The search results also show the age of the torrent file, its size, Seeds, and peers.

The only downside is that MagnetDL often goes down, and it’s already banned in many regions. If it’s banned in your country, you can use VPNs for torrenting to unblock the site.

4. Torrentzeta


Torrentzeta is a Torrent search engine that shares lots of similarities with Torrentz torrent. It’s user-interface resembles the look of Torrentz and it does covers torrent files from wide range of websites.

However, Torrentzeta is a relatively new website, and it’s often down for maintenance. It’s even banned in many regions due to the sharing of copyrighted content.

If you can’t access the site from your regular web browser, you can try connecting to a VPN server that allows torrenting.

5. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate BayThe Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is currently the leading peer-to-peer torrent website, from which you can find and download a wide range of torrent files.

You can also upload your torrent file on the platform. However, like every other torrent site on the list, The Pirate Bay is banned in most countries.

Occasionally, the site is also down, forcing you to rely on its proxy websites to access its database.

If we talk about the content, you will be able to download all sorts of files from The Pirate Bay.

6. Snowfl


While Redditors never recommend Snowfl as a Solidtorrents alternative, it’s still one of the best sites like SolidTorrents you will ever come across.

The main interface of Snowfl shows some cryptocurrency news, but the magic resides in the search box at the top.

You can utilize the search box to perform a torrent search. Upon searching, the torrent search engine will return with all available files.

The search results also show the date of upload, seeder/leechers, the torrent sites from where the files are fetched, etc.

7. Zooqle


Zooqle is a torrent search aggregator that doesn’t host any torrent files itself; instead, it fetches and shows you the torrent contents from different websites.

So, basically, Zooqle is a torrent search engine that you can use instead of SolidTorrents.

The site has been shut down by the authorities, but it has made a comeback with a new website. You need to search Zooqle on the Google Search engine and visit the first website that shows up.

The site’s user interface is pretty clean and shows only relevant information about the torrent files. Zooqle also lists some popular categories on its home page.

8. Torrends

Torrends isn’t as popular as SolidTorrent or BitSearch, but it’s still good enough to satisfy your need for torrenting. The site has a fairly simple user interface, which makes navigation very easy.

It’s a torrent search engine that collects torrent files from different sources and presents them to you. On the homepage, you see all the Torrent sites from which it fetches the content.

Also, there’s a section for proxy and tracker lists. The site isn’t the very best, but it’s still better than nothing.

These are the few best & working SolidTorrent alternatives that you can consider. Let us know which one is your favorite torrent search engine on the list. Also, if you find this guide helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends.


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