A Week in Houston on a $65,000 Salary

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Welcome to Spending Notes, where we do a weekly deep dive into how our readers spend their cash.

Today: a chef who makes $65,000

Occupation: chef

Age: 55

Location: Houston, TX

Salary: $65,000 (approx. $2,500 per pay period)

Day One

unnamed 2

As a chef, you don’t have a lot of time away from “the office.” At my particular restaurant, I work nearly 60 hours a week, with 12-hour days happening more often than not. So, coffee is an absolute necessity. This morning, though, I’m trying something new. I recently invested in the best CBD coffee pods on the market in an attempt to unite my caffeine habit with the benefits of CBD.

I talked to my doctor a while back about CBD oil and whether it was a good choice for my stress levels and physical discomfort—both of which are practically best practices in the culinary field. Learning that I could get those CBD benefits from my morning cup of joe? Even better! Fueled by my CBD coffee, I pay my credit card bill then head to work for a busy day.

Total: $55

Day Two

unnamed 3

Before heading to the restaurant for Tuesday’s work, my son calls in a bit of a panic. He wants to be a project manager after graduation and is stressed out about the PMP exam he’ll need to pass to do so. I might not be a project management professional, but I do have years of experience in my own knowledge area.

If I’ve learned anything in that time, I know that there’s an in-person or online course for anything you need to learn, and this PMP certification is no exception. A quick search shows a PMP class in Houston, which should have him ready to become an experienced project manager in no time at all. Once he’s less anxious about the prospect of a PMP certification exam, I grab my CBD coffee and head to work, stopping for a quick breakfast sandwich on the way.

Total: $4.50

Day Three

unnamed 4

Another busy day in the kitchen calls for another cup of coffee boosted with CBD, and then I head into work. I have a new sous chef starting today who’s only just completed her formal training but shows great promise—I’m hoping that she lives up to our expectations! After work, I stop at a 24-hour shop to grab a few groceries, knowing that the house is running low on inventory.

Total: $29

Day Four

unnamed 5

With a CBD-booted coffee cup in hand, I head to work for another long day. Today is one of those shifts where I feel like I’m on autopilot. It’s a good thing I know my field well because it’s difficult to consciously focus on much. After work, I meet a friend for a drink.

Total: $12.50

Day Five

unnamed 6

Weekends are especially busy at the restaurant, of course, but I’m excited to try a unique new special tonight. These are the nights that I really feel the flow of cooking—it reminds me why I love being a chef. After yesterday’s monotony, it’s a welcome bonus!

Total: $0

Day Six

unnamed 7

My son, P., is staying with me this weekend, so we get up early for breakfast at a local diner before I head to work. He spent most of his life living with my ex-wife, so I’m grateful we’ve maintained as much of a relationship as we have! After, I head to the kitchen for another day of work.

Total: $32.50

Day Seven 

unnamed 8

The restaurant is actually closed on Sundays, as the owner is especially religious. So, I get to spend a little extra time with P. before he returns to school. We grab some lunch and chat more about the project management program he’s interested in. I’m confident he’ll do great in the PMP course, but if he’s not happy with it, the training I found has a money-back guarantee! I love that he has that flexibility as he moves forward with his life.

Total: $47

Total for the week: $180.50


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