Amazon Unveils Echo Look to Help You Dress Better

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Amazon just unveiled a brand new device in its Echo line-up, called the Echo Look. The Echo Look is an Alexa powered AI assistant that can do everything that your Echo can, but it comes with cameras and LED lights to take pictures of you, and let you see exactly how you’re looking from every angle.

The Echo Look is a $199 AI speaker-camera combo that you control with your voice. Simply say “Alexa, take a photo”, and the Echo Look will snap an instant photo and push it to your cellphone, where you can share it with friends. Echo also blurs out the background so your outfit pops out more. Plus, if you want to know what you look like from every single angle in that dress you just bought, Echo Look can take videos as well, so just ask Alexa to take a video, and then turn around in 360º. You can then play the video back and see your outfit from every single angle.

But where does the AI come in? Surely clicking pictures wouldn’t require a cloud connected AI service? Well, Echo Look also comes with “Style Check“. So, you can just select two of your outfits, and style check will tell you which one is “the in thing”, and which one flatters you the most. Basically, for $199, you’re getting a personal stylist, that always knows the latest trends, and will only get smarter with time. Plus, you don’t have to pay it, so you can spend all that extra money on new outfits for yourself.

With the Echo Look, you can create your very own stylebook over time, if you click pictures everyday. So, you’ll always know which dress you wore, and on what day. Plus, you’ll be able to keep a track of your favourite outfits with ease. The Echo Look is available on Amazon ($199) as an invite only device right now

It’s almost as if Amazon knows we’re all bad at this dressing up thing, and when we do need a stylist, the Echo Look will be there, always watching. That’s kind of creepy, on second thought, but it’s also rather cool. I guess we’ll just wait and see if the FBI asks Amazon for the video feed from the Echo Look positioned awkwardly in a crime scene.


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