Android Could Soon Get Device-Linking Like Apple’s Continuity

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Google is reportedly developing a new feature that will enable Android users to link their various Android devices together when they are signed into the same Google account.

Android Could Soon Get Device-Linking Like Apple’s Continuity

The new feature, spotted in development by an Android researcher Mishaal Rahman, could enable features like call switching and internet sharing for personal hotspots between your Android phones.

For those unaware, Apple has a similar feature called Continuity service, which links multiple devices to each other through a single Apple ID. This allows its iOS users to seamlessly use and switch between their iPhones, MacBooks, iPads, and watches. It also offers features like AirDrop, Continuity Camera, Continuity Markup, Handoff, and Universal Clipboard.

“You may soon be able to “link your [Android] devices” signed into the same Google account together. This will enable “call switching,” which lets you switch between devices for calls, as well as “Internet sharing”!” he tweeted on X.

The “Call Switching” feature could be similar to Apple’s “iPhone Mobile Calls” feature, which allows users to make and receive calls from Macs and iPads signed into the same Apple ID, as long as they are on the same network as the user’s iPhone. However, this feature doesn’t allow users to receive calls from another iPhone (via Android Authority).

As per the wording for Google’s “Call Switching” feature, it will allow you to switch / transfer between multiple linked Android devices, including phones, for calls. This means you can receive a call on an Android phone and transfer it to another linked phone.

Further, the “Internet sharing” feature will enable Android users to quickly set up personal hotspots across their linked Android devices for a more seamless interface with each other.

According to Rahman, once the new feature is officially rolled out, the “Link Your Devices” menu will appear under Settings > Google > Devices & Sharing.

Android Authority says the new feature may be rolled out through Google Play Services. Users who have Android phones with Google services may be the first to get access to this feature when it officially rolls out.

The exact release date for the new feature is still unknown, as Google has yet to make an official announcement about the same. However, this feature could prove very handy for those who carry multiple handsets for various purposes.


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