Apple Dubai Mall Opens Up To Make Your Jaws Drop

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Apple never fails to impress with their store designs and the newly opened Apple Dubai Mall is no exception. It’s certainly an eye-catcher with a 186-foot curved glass storefront and balcony overlooking the world’s tallest skyscraper – Burj Khalifa. Without doubt, the showstopper of this new building will be the 37.5-foot-high motorized “Solar wings”, that have been designed to respond to the city’s climatic conditions. When the sun is at its hottest, they cool the store, and in the evenings they open to welcome everyone to the public terrace. We could keep talking about those windows all day, but seeing is believing. So, check out the motorized windows in action right below.


As per the company’s claims, Apple Dubai Mall aims to be open and transparent, blurring the barriers between inside and out, to erase the boundaries between the store and the community. The store houses 148 employees who’ve already started welcoming customers from around the world the world, since the opening, earlier today. The store also aims at hosting high-profile events including live music, intimate conversations with film-makers and photographers.

Being located right in front of Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain has got its perks as well. Every evening, a spectacular fountain show takes place and Apple is expecting visitors to make full use of that with the 18-foot wide motorized windows to view the display.

Apple already has two stores in the United Arab Emirates that have welcomed more than 4 million visitors ever since they were opened. This, being their third, will most likely end up being tourist spot, because of its cutting-edge design and location. So, our readers from Dubai, are you excited to visit the store? Do let us know in the comments section down below. Until then, here’s to many more breathtaking buildings from Apple in the near future.


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