Apple Patents New AirPods Case That Contains Interactive Display

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Apple may introduce a new AirPod in the future, whose case would retain an interactive display as the company filed a new patent at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office regarding it.

In the patent filing, the company has also provided some rough diagrams about the concept that proves how the screen will work on the box and what interface the user will get. Let’s begin the discussion below.

AirPods Case With Interactive Display: All Details

According to the patent filing, Apple wants to redesign its AirPods charging case with a touchscreen display that will be very similar to the display of the Apple Watch Series.

As the description image and written details express, it would offer more than just giving media controls such as the basic controls of Maps, Weather, Apple TV+, and notifications.

And for allowing the switch between the different apps, Apple offers a touchscreen and as well as Siri Commands like the above image mentioning that it will have the capability of Siri communicating.

Besides, one of the interesting features found in this patent is iMessage’s notification sound and its audio stream.

This means when you will receive any message on iMessage, so you’ll receive a notification on display,, too,, and after tapping on it, the message will be streamed in audio form for you.

We all know Apple discontinued its iPod last year and said they are offering music in their other products, such as the iPhone, HomePod, and AirPods.

But with this new AirPod with display Apple could bring iPod era back in this modern world.

Apple hasn’t officially revealed anything about it, and there is no evidence of whether it should start working on it.

However, the company lists many patents every year, but it implements only some of them, and it would be interesting to see AirPod from Apple with all the above capabilities.


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